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#76658 by Xticks Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:46 pm
Someone asked whether my method for killing blobs was on the forums. Now it is.

It's slower than I'd like it to be and if you have the skill to be faster, hurray. The bottleneck comes from the time it takes for the damage boost to cool down.

I use a glass crystal because of all it's bonusses. You can use any ship as long as your dps are high enough.

2.5s hardened shield
1.7x damage boost
60%+ damage lwg (I haven't found more dps so far)

Mines with 100% armor reduction (15800)
Sonic Missiles with full energy debuff
Concussion spheres for luring. Target painter or any projector weapon should do.

Killing is easy:

I zoom out so I see the blobs coming. Usually 4 times. Then I leave a little space between the black hole and the screen on a 2k screen.
I lay a circle of 24 mines around myself.
I lure a blob with concussion spheres. They don't have to hit the blob actually. Would be bad because then they'd bounce and aggro more of them. Be careful not to be too far away or it might teleport.
If necessary I position myself so it flies a narrower arc. Not necessary if it flies straight.
Then I shoot Sonics and straighten out the blob's trajectory to make sure it latches on.

Then I hit 4 and R which means LWG and Damage boost. 5 seconds leave a lot of time and the Crystal has plenty of energy (170).
Then I hit hardened shield. The Crystal can take a few VT hits.
If I did everything right, the blob is melting according to plan.

Health debuff is unnecessary because the blob can't heal through hardened shields and it shouldn't survive for longer than 2 seconds.

The stats of my crystal are:
162.3% rof and 428.8% energy damage
That gives me 57200 per hit and 3.042k dps on LWG. If I don't get it totally wrong, the calculation goes like this:
3042 * 1.7 damage boost is 5171k raw damage
Blobs have 12500 armor and half a shot is 28600 so I need to debuff 41100 armor for max results. Three mines à 15800 do that.
The final dps is 5171 * 0.45res * 1.5 = 3490k. With 2 mines, it should still be around 4000k.

Just remember that full dps are only reached when the blob latches on and all shots hit the target. If it does, it's melting time and it pops before hardened shield runs out.

A good teleport can save time if you ever aggro a blob without wanting to. Just immediately teleport away.

I timed one set of 300 arts and it took me 26 minutes. Not amazing but not bad either. It's satisfying to sort through 300 blob arts at a time.
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#76726 by Xticks Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:34 pm
Due to farming maybe 1500 arts, I could improve my setup to 3.2m. Two new best E% arts.

So I decided to switch back to 1.2 times damage instead of a doubled boost. That costs a little raw dps:
3204k * 1.70 = 5446k
3845k * 1.35 = 5190k

All else being equal that means a latched on properly armor debuffed blob will not die in 1.66 but 1.75 seconds.
The upside is: mines now debuff more than 18k per mine.

I tried this setup with bad internet and it still worked decently. Not sure you can circle blobs with 250ms ping.

What you don't do can be a destructive force. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Failure: a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.
#76810 by xDreamSlayerx Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:13 pm
That is the coolest and badass way of killing them , even more than with larva IMO :D
Have you tried Target painter with rof elite instead of mines? the thing is insane in my medic debuffing 5k per shot and shooting over 20 rounds per sec and I dont use any % kinetic art , just flat corros and rof. It would be quite good in your crystal sticks , perphaps even better with the 1000% damage elite tech? :shock: just imagine shooting two or three shots and destroying their armor in the spot!

#76814 by Xticks Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:46 pm
Well, someone claimed to kill 8 blobs in 45 seconds max. I'd rather do that than wait 30 seconds between single kills, being afraid to lure the wrong blob.

My best average so far was 46 seconds per blob and 1 death for 300 arts (I didn't wait for the cooldown so my dps were lacking)

Imagine you have two other players idling close to the black holes. And you kill 8 blobs in a minute, teleport to the other side, kill 8 blobs, teleport back...

My method is merely half way reliable. Nothing cool about it. Cool, that's doubling your income and build an education project for kids with the surplus. Something like that.

I don't own the big carrier, so target painter is out of the question for now.

I got Efield to have a higher dps than LWG but, part to loser internet lag or because blobs don't cling to the center, it didn't work well.

I think two or 3 shots a 5k don't cut it. If a blob has 12500 armor and one shot of the LWG has about 60000, then you need to debuff 12500 + 30000 = 42500 in order to get the full 1.5x from armor debuff. Unless I got the concept wrong. It's easier with a weapon that has more hits and less damage per shot.

What you don't do can be a destructive force. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Failure: a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.
#76821 by bolbi Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:50 am
Pretty nice setup not unsimiliar to my second blob method when I was a wee little Crystal, basically I switched from a longer drawnout method to the method above when i hit the dps threshold to kill them in a single harden shield.

Basically same things only differences were I used blue smartgun for an armor debuff, and Void tentacles for energy debuff. Also in my experience I've found that at the very least you need around 2.8 million dps, and to be able to fire that high dps weapon without running out of power for 3 seconds with R boost active, which is really only LWG from what I've tried.

I recently actually setup my Noxium to kill blobs in a similar fashion.

- Nox spray Extra Projectiles for dps I use around 3 million dps in glass but I'm thinking I can get away with around 2.5 million dps, not tested it extensively yet
- BFG (doesn't really matter the ET but it does have a heal debuff ET) main function is the 50% bonus damage for nox spray, plus one shot will debuff all of a blob's armor.
- Nuke launcher for 50% corrosive resist debuff
- Acid spore for luring, like xsticks meantioned you don't actually want to hit them with it, to get them to agro to you all you need is for a weapon's auto aim to lock on to the enemy when a shot is fired. So with weapons like acid spore and conc spheres, which both have pretty massive auto aim range, it is much easier than it may sound at first, mainly cause the auto aim range on these is so much bigger that it extends a fair bit outside of the range of the physical projectile. And thus can auotaim to enemies without the projectile actually hitting.

Works the same way, and might even be easier as you get an added bonus of 50% extra damage from using nox spray with BFG, and with my 3 million dps I have a hard time doing it sometimes but I'm also using recharge ET for hard shields so I have .5 seconds less time to deal damage while it's hugging my face, and I don't have to use R if I time it right, so I imagine if you use the optimal ETs for power boost and hard shield (unlike me right now) you may be able to use way less dps (though Nox spray isn't super easy to get super high numbers in dps, and my arts are way above average I'd say so take this all with a grain of salt)
#76840 by Xticks Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:33 pm
Small update. With a bit of levelling and a small improvement in the arts section, my lwg now does 4357k, the mines debuff 17094 armor, the arts do 469.2%en and 194.4% rof.

That's enough to ditch damage boost IF you can make them fly straight at you. That way lwg pumps enough damage into them before they hug. Might work with less if you use health debuff. It's a bit close but without lag, it works nicely and for emergencies, damage boost is still there.

That about doubles the amount of farmed blobs per hour.

I wonder what average arts actually look like.

What you don't do can be a destructive force. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Failure: a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.

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