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#76337 by BrianN Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:08 am
So, this year is gonna be crazy, alot like the NBA in that one conference is far and away better than the other...2 of the top 10 teams are in the AFC (and one of them, Pitts, isnt that good).

AFCEast (Plays AFCSouth and NFCNorth)
Buffalo under 6...they wait forever to go to the playoffs and subsequently jettison a very decent QB to rebuild once again.
Miami over 6.5...barely though, they arent any good and would be 4-12 in the NFCS but they can get enough wins against the AFCS and the AFCE bottom feeders.
NE over 11(Mortal lock)...they will lose 2 against the NFCN but the rest of the schedule is disgusting. They hold it together for one more year until it all implodes.
NYJets Under 6...Rookie QB growing pains

AFCNorth (AFCWest and NFCSouth)
Baltimore under 8...this line is a pretty good one, but with a tough schedule for this division ill take the under.
Cincy under 6.5...hey, at least they wont be 8-8 anymore!
Cleveland under 5.5(Mortal Lock)...I seriously dont get the hype about this team...1-31 in last two years and JohnnyFootball2.0 as the QB? No, 5-11 would be a massive accomplishment for this team.
Pittsburgh over 10.5...maybe the last year for this nucleus, another good record.

AFCSouth (AFCEast and NFCEast)
Houston under 8.5...people forget that Houston was 3-4 under Watson last year; he's no dobut an extroardinarily dynamic talent but id have to barely take the under on it.
Indy over 6.5....barely, and they wont really be as good as it but they will be able to win 7 ugly.
Jax under 9...again the line is good here but now that they will have to play a first place schedule ill take the under.
Tenn over 8....once again a good line, but I see so many of their opponents being inferior that ill go above.

AFCWest (AFCNorth and NFCWest)
Denver under 7...a near mortal lock with a lower end QB, they will be feasted on by superior competition.
KC Chiefs under 8.5...pretty strong on this one as well I think they made a big mistake getting rid of Alex Smith.
LAChargers over 9.5...will compete for the AFC title.
Oakland under 8...I dont wanna take a ride in that Carr.

NFCEast (AFCSouth and NFCSouth)
Dallas under 8.5...this division (outside of Philly) I think is going to be very volitale, I can see each of them winning 5 or 11, Im going under on Dallas because they have noone at WR.
NYG under 7...I think Barkley is going to have one of those DeShaun Watson type rookie seasons where he blows the door off the league, but Eli will become the worst QB in the HoF since Namath, he's just not good.
Philly over 10...The problem for a defending champ is having that fire for another year, but Philly has a starting QB who didnt win the SB and will have all the fire neccesary.
Washington over 8...this will all be about how Alex Smith fits into the offense...if he can be optimized like he was in KC over the last couple years then they could be pretty good; if he's a fish out of water itll be a mess.

NFCNorth (AFCEast and NFCWest)
Chicago under 6.5...still need at least 1 more year for Trubisky, being in a meatgrinder division doesnt help either.
Detroit over 7.5...They always find a way to be in the playoff hunt (and usually fail)
Green Bay over 10...they have an easy start to the schedule to get ARod back into rythem; and after a murderous middle (@LARams, @NE, vs Mia, @Sea, @Min) they will once again have their late season push.
Minnesota under 10...I really like the 10, but I think last year was one of those special seasons that everyone played better than their opposition so id lean twoards the under.

NFCSouth (AFCNorth and NFCEast)
Atlanta over 9...the teams in this division are quite good as it is, and with the schedule they are getting, ill see a 10-6 team that unfortunately gets left out.
Carolina over 9...I like the 9 on this one, but being able to play that schedule ill take the over.
NewOrleans over 9.5...Brees can still be effective because he has that monster backfield, and I think they will play above their ability to insert themselves into the championship discussion.
TampaBay under 6.5....but im liking the 6, they are an 8-8 team in a stacked division.

NFCWest (AFCWest NFCNorth)
Ariz under 5.5...will be punchless on offense.
LARams over the 10 on this one, but they are going to be one heck of a team.
SF under 8.5...Jimmy won against Chi, Hou, Ten, Jax, and LARams (the last two who had already clinched their divisions and had little to play for). They were better than their 1-10 start but not nearly as good as the 5-0.
Seattle over 8...Wilson and homefield will lead them to 500; probably a 9-7 out of the playoffs.

Sticking with the NBA parrallel, NE will cruise to the SB before collapsing due to the untenable internal strife between 3 headstrong powerbrokers and the dynasty ends. All 6 of the playoff teams in the NFC will be able to win the SB, and will have a massive load at 10-6 and 11-5 perhaps leaving a 10-6 team out. With the Rams being just a little too young, and NO being a little too old, and Philly being largely unmotivated, Minnesota with a very solid but unremarkable team, and Cam liable to quit on Carolina, Im going to begrudgingly go with GB and a ticked off ARod finally taking his 2nd super bowl. But again, Id take any of the NFC playoff teams plus Atlanta over any AFC team outside of NE.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke
#76372 by GuestNINJAS Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:00 pm
Is this a news report or...?

Hey nice lol, TV on the forums

Sad fact : I was quite often in-game.. Making dramas, showing up in chat a lot! Laughing.. AFKing.. raging... pvping..

But who cares now? :D
I left.

Go to the Astroflux discord before this forum and the game gets shutdown.
#76891 by BrianN Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:11 pm
OK, time to take my lumps.

AFCE:All were really close to their OU
AFCN:Only Cincy right...Cleveland is immortal
AFCS:Good lord, luckly I dont gamble right?
AFCW:I was more wrong about Mahomes than I have been about any player ever.

NFCE:The analysis was pretty on point, the picks not so much.
NFCN:First time in my left as a Packers fan I had no words for their performance.
NFCS: Mixed bag
NFCW:Wow! Something to brag about finally...Ariz was punchless, LAR were one heck of a team, SF kinda had mitigating circumstances, Sea pretty close.

NE kept it together through the SB, LAR are a little too young, and NO a little too old...of course GB was off.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

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