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#75972 by Neglectus Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:40 pm
Hello, my children.

I am thee, father Neglectus. I came to this web-page to share my beliefs with you, the tales of the almighty AstrollLance and his holy, overwhelming weapon: The Astro Lance.

I will now tell you how it all began.

One day, before even time or the universe existed, but only AstrollLance and a Heide called 'Nemesis'. They fought a lot, but in the end our Lord and saviour won. AstrollLance back-hand slapped Nemesis with full force, whilst the Lances pierced the worthless, broken body of Nemesis. The force of the slap was so gigantic that it created the universe we know and love today. It is him, our Grandfather of time and war(and lancez) that created life as it is now.

But it was not enough for our Lord.

AstrollLance continued seeking fights, seeking worthy opponents, until he finally found his old rival; Nemesis. The force of the slap didn't kill Nemesis, but scattered it into multiple individuals. Yes, Nemesis, the incarnation of evil still doesn't stand a chance against our Lord. Until this day they keep fighting. The results of this fight might be devastating.

Now, my children, I will teach you the phylosophy of our Lord.

-Loot any noob you see.
-If you mistreat the Lord, then you shall let him kill you with full cargo as a sacrifice and our Lord will roll a dice with 500.000.000 sides. If the dice lands on a 1, then you shall be spared from KOS.
-You shall befriend yourself with the Lord, so he always knows where to find and kill you.
-Anytime you see the Lord, you have to give him a gift, or sacrifice.
-Use Astro Lances. It's the one and only weapon.
-Use Carrier, it's the one and only ship.
-As to quote the lord himself: "idc, do whatu want"
-Show love and mercy. But only to the Lord himself.

I hope you will also believe in our Lord. Peace be with you. Je suis AstrollLance

Hahaha, funny memes

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