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#23059 by DaGGerz Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:47 pm
The Divide, a broken and cracked wasteland in the sky. After the great Nezerian - Aureus war spilled into different systems other races got involved. They fought to restore balance and peace but instead, caused there to be a universe wide war.

5 different races are now in constant war with each other. Diplomacy is now fought with weapons and technology. The Antor Federation in desperation has entered the fray to try and safe guard the rest of the universe from being affected.

To accumulate "clan troons" it's the clan overall troons gained ever. If a clan gains 4 million troons in 1 month, and gains 8million the next month, their overall troons are 12 million. ( :oops: )

There is a 12 hour period to join one Faction, after the clan leader picks whichever faction, the cost of joining the faction is deducted from the total troons. After the 12 hour period is over, the real fun begins. An instant swarm of bloodclaw and renegade swarms are unleashed on each other. You can help your faction fight against the swarm or you can side step the swarm and attack the factions base and checkpoints which will be very dangerous without the help of your comrades and faction.

The opposing factions base health points is extremely large (In the 10's of billions) so that the war doesn't end too early. As soon as 1 faction is destroyed, the faction the players are in will be rewarded some flux and resources. However, the main damage dealers will be rewarded with a lot of flux, resources and stars which will be used to buy special ships and weapons exclusive to Azuron.

This place will only be open to Clans as the clan choses which Faction to join. Unless the player isn't in a clan, then they are automatically in the AF faction.


#23060 by DaGGerz Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:47 pm

The main faction for all players not in a clan. A Strong defensive Faction aiming to restore balance and order to the divide. Ultimate aim is to annihilate the Renegade Faction and stay on nervy but peaceful terms with the Renegadea. Have a very strong base fit with anti swarm measures. They do not have the resources to swarm, however. Have no benefits of joining.

Best tactical faction, they have the best swarm attacks but don't have any stand out ships that can give them the upper hand. They also have a very powerful base with multiple medics and tankers. It takes 20 million clan troons to join the Renegades.

Most powerful offensive faction but are very prone to swarm attacks. They rebuild very fast though, to counter this. They have the infamous Liberator which is used regularly in their swarm attacks. This ship is the most powerful (doesn't mean the best) in all of Azuron. It takes 10 million clan troons to join the Brotherhood.

The most populous faction. They are not very tactical and instead just attack anything savagely. They attack the Renegade and the Aureus factions the most. They have an alliance with the Blood claw. They are pretty sub standard due to their long war with the Aureus draining their resources. It takes 5 million troons to join the Nezerians.

The golden warriors of the Divide, they are the most technology advanced race. At war to all miscreants that are involved. They are hostile to all but themselves. Their main aim is to obliterate all factions and advance through the AF block and into Azuron. They launch raids at the Nezerians and AF. You cannot join the Aureus whatsoever.

The Marked Men are the most powerful and isolationist force in the divide, they are an eerie and mysterious race hostile to all those which dare attack. They were the original inhabitants of the Divide. They do not swarm but instead fortify their defences. They use artillery attacks on any which pass the "Zone". A direct hit from an artillery attack cripples the players movement and can leave them for dead for the snipers. You can not join the Marked Men, unless you're a moderator. :p


#23062 by DaGGerz Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:02 pm
The Divide was a series of planets around a star. The main inhabitants, the marked men were the protectors of the system and attacked any which dared enter it's radius. After the Nezerian - Aureus war spilt into many different systems, the marked men attacked the fleeing Nezerians which tried to enter the Divide in fear of the Aureus.

However, they couldn't hold out against the mass of Nezerians and Renegades which had entered the war to try and attack the Nezerians but got dragged into war with the Aureus whichnuked the Divide's star to try and force their entry in. The results were disastrous, all the scourge of the galaxy poured in as a wormhole had formed in the middle of the divide. Suddenly, the Divide was the front lines of the war and the Marked Men retreated to protect their planet and bases.

Through the wormhole, the Blood Claw emerged which were the federation of Pirates aiming to grow rich from the chaos that ensued.


#23063 by DaGGerz Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:14 pm
Small pockets of poisonous gas are found emitting from canisters floating about in random locations following no particular route but not leaving the system. They damage the player and add a very powerful DoT.

An Asteroid belt orbits the Marked Men's base. Breaching the Asteroid Belt is seen as a sign of aggression and will lead to artillery and sniper attacks from the Marked Men.

Random Debris is moving throughout the divide doing damage to everything including base defences and ships. Marked Men, Renegade and AF have Anti-Debris systems in place. However for some factions they aren't very efficient...


#23064 by Nightsky Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:23 pm

i really like this idea. i say yes!

#23071 by Avyctes Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:01 pm

Quit playing 12/12/14 I can't keep waiting for balance, it will never happen with these guys.
#23076 by Arekkusu Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:51 pm
A big +1 :D
Though I bet most players would agree with this. So in the name of all of astroflux, +9000!!!!!
#29219 by DaGGerz Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:12 am
So, a small bump from me with new information.

The divide is not part of any galaxy and instead inhabits a void of space north of where KoTZ is situated. It cannot be warp jumped to as there is no gates that lead there, instead you would have to travel through the wormhole in Hozar to reach it. (In this lore, its how the other factions like renegades and blood claw entered the system).

Upon reaching the area, you look at your map to survey the ruins. There are 6 station bases each belonging to seperate factions. The bases do have an orbit and are stationary with the exception of the marked men base which orbits the nuked star in the middle.

North base is the Antor Federation
North east base is the Aureus
North west base is the Blood claw
South west base is the Renegades
South east base is the Nezerians
Marked men base is in the middle


#76958 by DaGGerz Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:45 pm
I don't know why I was reading through this, but BUMP!

There's a 0.00001% chance of this ever being implemented, but I thought it was a nice idea at the time :-)


#76964 by BrianN Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:02 pm
Howdy dagz, what do u think about getting the huge chests back in...its already coded in!

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