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#76254 by hyewon Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:18 pm
This will probably be the last one i ever do. I made one while i was in NEMESIS, but i had to remake it since i joined a new clan, AEGIS. Took me around 6 hours to take note of all the afk/active players that i have at least met once or interacted, and tried my best not to miss anyone that i would regret not writing. If i did miss some, i'm really sorry. My memory really has limits XD.

This time, every letter has its own unique meanings, but the order of names inside the letter does not mean much, though the ones that first comes into mind is usually on the first ones. Also, your game-names are mostly your first in-game names, just in case it might get confusing.

T-Truefriends (friends that have been very very close with me :D )
R-Remembered (those who left, but whom i will always miss)
O-hOnored (those who left, but was famous. ex-TheCen, the leader of Helpers, DefiantTrekk-creator of STRIKE)
F-Friends (like it says, friends!)
X-clans (any of the clans that were in the rankings of power clans, survival clans...)

Your name color has its own meaning too. It relies from the one of the colors of your clan, your playstyle, or your ship color. For example, Myorum-AEGIS (red), ship color (purple), and corr user (green). (still, some are random lol.) I hope you find yourself inside there, good luck!

I really love you all, it was soooo awesome playing like crazy with you all! Astroflux is my life, and it always will be till the end :) I thank you all for all the great experiences :D (don't worry, i'm not leaving XD)

#76256 by Myorum Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:33 pm
Cool, great work hyewon!

Just... are u really!? calling my BLUE Nox purple?^^

And here the bigger version of the screen, that was posted in Discord:

That which we call a rose would smell as sweet by any other name.
#76262 by Nightsky Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:10 pm
*Looks over it*
*Looks over it again*
*And again.*

Speaking of people that made Astroflux to what it is today, I can't seem to find DaGGerz, and in my opinion he has been among the most influential people if not THE most influential person in Astroflux.

But I guess some recognition is a little too much to give. And yes, it legit frustrates me because DaGGerz is a great person.

#76315 by GuestNINJAS Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:48 pm
Holy heck awesome again! I wasn't forgotten this time x) O Letter, next to porridgehead and the waves of "TheS" usernames, Missing SirAl aka TheSurgeon aka TheShredder!

Either way hope to see him in pocket starships or some other games!

Sad fact : I was quite often in-game.. Making dramas, showing up in chat a lot! Laughing.. AFKing.. raging... pvping..

But who cares now? :D
I left.

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