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#24560 by 0_0 Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:49 pm
What is it? It is self explanatory!

No really? What is it? RETORICAL!

:ugeek: <----- Not amused


It is a fanatic tank, but infested! We remember the fanatics, then they got "infested" and now have those annoying weapons? It is that but with the infamous fanatic tank!

About everything not mentioned, the behaviors is the EXACT same of a fanatic tank, but weapons are now different.

All damages are negotiable and should not be argued about. Also they shouldn't be the reason you dislike the idea.

Health: 280,000
Shield: 4,720,000
Shield Regen: 5,000
Speed: Normal fanatic tank's speed

Kinetic: 75%

If you didnt notice, these numbers are what a GOLD fanatic tank would have. The resists are the Fanatic tank's resists but with 25% more on each category.

The Infested Fanatic Tank is the Fanatic tank but with a different set of weapons.

Nuke: simply a nuke from the Regius. Same damage as one, so it is more or less 1 hit kill if you dont have a tank set with 300K frigging health. (Note that this is the closest I could find to "infested", and it just works)

Damage type: Energy + Corrosive (sticks to theme of infested)

Missiles: The missiles that the tank has are more or less the same of the Infested missiles. But with 300% speed, and the missiles look like they have a speed aura. I do this because these are easily dodged without speed boost, and can be nova'd with precision. Also, the difficulty now it is the killer guidance the missiles have. The base damage is 40K-80K (10K-20K With full resists)

Damage type: Corrosive

Torpedoes The regular tank has plasma torpedoes, but this has MOTH ZERO GLAND. (If this doesnt fit the category as infested, look at the source) This zero gland is a huge sniper type weapons. It goes 200% speed, (has the aura thing again, and the speed is increased for same reason), and deals 80K-160K damage (20K-40K all resists). The shield debuff? That lasts 60 seconds long! This is really something you need to dodge, and is a real screw over when you get hit.

Damage type: Energy + Corrosive (Need to make it infested by adding corrosive)

Flak Gun Last but not least... *stares at paper*.... What? umm... it says Flak gun? Yes, this thing has a flak gun on it. But what does the infested one have? It has PLANKTON SIPHON GLAND :o Yes, if you get close, this thing will siphon your health, possibly kill you, and heal ALOT. Damage is around 160K, (40K with all resists) that is alot? well armor. This thing hits 20 times a second, (like regular siphon gland, correct me if im wrong.), that is 2K/hit. Your armor should be able to beat that. This thing will heal 300% of damage done, and your team will scold you for getting close enough to get hit. This thing is 360 degrees, and if your close, you are getting hit.

Damage: Corrosive.

That is it, just some side notes about stuff:

-No determined location, maybe some far off orbit in fulzar? Sarkinon? In death line hell? I dont know
-For all of the more newbie players, this may seem OP, but it isnt
-For all of the more veteran players, this may seem OP, but Executor seemed OP but you still killed it.
-Please comment, I want to hear what you say, Damage is APPROXIMATE, and things can be changed around.
-if I am wrong with Siphon gland thing, please, i mean PLEASE tell me.

Sources: (I feel so uber forum pro)


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