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#75099 by Seawolf Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:25 pm
Well, guess where I've been.

Obliterate Everything 3, serving under starcrusher44's fleet.

starcrusher44 is a moth. He's also a great leader, but is even then subordinate to the mysterious LordNikki. This is where this starts to get complicated.

Years past, I met starcrusher44 in a quickmatch, and he destroyed me. He then explained who he was, what with his whole setup, and mentioned LordNikki. After trying and failing to find him, I eventually discovered him and quickmatched him. Before I knew it, I was very, very dead. And then he explained to me some things about what his place in the universe was, and that he commanded a vast army and could defeat anyone. (All in the chat.)

And he told me about Astroflux.

He hated this game. He said he had had a run-in with a moderator at one point and it had not gone over well for him, so he told me, his loyal follower, to try to destroy it from the inside.

And I did. I spammed fanfiction in offtopic, spammed on global, and got players up in arms about corrupt mods, but I couldn't destroy the playerbase as hard as I tried, and so I left.

And when I came back, players were quitting off in droves.

Mission accomplished.

The only player who knows Admiral Zhersis!
#75114 by GuestNINJAS Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:52 am
nah fam

players quitting = ran out of chocolate supplies!

that is the only valid reason

Sad fact : I was quite often in-game.. Making dramas, showing up in chat a lot! Laughing.. AFKing.. raging... pvping..

But who cares now? :D
I left.

Go to the Astroflux discord before this forum and the game gets shutdown.
#75165 by Syst185X Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:11 am
Shieldity wrote:nah fam

players quitting = ran out of chocolate supplies!

that is the only valid reason




The empire may have fell, but one'll come back stronger then ever.


Feel free to contact me via messages. I'm mostly inactive though, maybe I'll return one day.

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