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#74579 by MrKitty Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:44 pm
Hello I was looking for game released in very first days of Armorgames. was called maybe called 'Nostromo' it was space shooter minigame.

I was looking through literarly all website without success.

This game is still better than ones developers do in these days.
In This top-down game player had a ship which was shooting only forward, it could dock to spaceport with upragades, on right there was panel with excact amount of reactor power, shield power and refire power with amount of loaded energy bullets, panel was dark blue and the bars of power were cyan coloured. Payer could upragade ship with havoc, this prevent from taking enemy bullets to hull.

Ship was small, it could fly into blackhole to go to diffirent system. All screen was black with white dots as stars.
It was game with very great story and potential. Please bring it back...

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