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#73424 by Splat2012 Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:43 pm
This is an apology for everyone, and I do mean every single person: I've realized that I've directed just pure anger towards everyone. Did it help me at all? No. I had no reason to spew anger at anyone that currently plays.

There was only one reason I needed to play in these past three and a half years: I wanted to be stronger than sime123456. I think I would not have accomplished that, ever. I realize that now, directing my anger towards the people, made me what I didn't want to be. And so I created Dice2012.

Yes. I am Dice2012/D12. Why I hid it, even from old friends, is so that I could be completely hidden. I wanted to see from a different perspective. Some opinions changed, especially about drnspdr and ladelag. I was truly the asshole when it came to dealing with people Simple disliked. Yet not all changed. There were no players I felt anger towards at the end.

I also have to apologize to a few others for wasting money on me. I couldn't pay at all, but why did I even allow Simple/Prickles/Grim to pay for me?! I needed to learn to play and save up, not rush through the entire game! I was doing that with Dice2012, just saving up and playing, without attempting to spend it. This is all my fault. I took advantage of everyone.

As you know, I've left Astroflux, with good reason. I wish Prickles good luck with buying Astroflux, and I wish everyone luck. I do not plan on playing this game any longer as I have no reason to.

Balance won't happen. Forget trying to balance the game, BE BROKEN! Also, when the mods don't look into trolling, which certain player is guilty of, the moderation system is just poor.
#73431 by GuestNINJAS Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:17 am
i've got a question for ya : Do you think even the worst person can change?
that everybody can be a good person if they just try?

heheheheh alright, well, here's a better question.


If you didn't get it it was sarcasm

Why bother reading my signature... I left the community in mid-february 2018.

Anyway it doesn't matter... does it?
#73432 by TheSupreme Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:06 pm
Don't do this to yourself, it just opens yourself to a whole new world of criticism and shame than you had before, whether it may be deserved or not is quite irrelevant. I encourage that you speak directly to the offended people yourself, or otherwise make your apology formal and sincere.

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#73434 by GuestNINJAS Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:44 pm
Listen to supreme bro, I once talked in-game with some people I have been offended with (mostly my fault, it was a long time ago)

We sorted the things out and eveything's fine now and I'm friend with most people I used to be upset with :D

By the way since we're on a pretty dramatic note, I'll confess too. Remember "shielded72" or "Fight96"? Those were my old accounts where I used to art steal like an idiot. I hope anyone who got offended about me stealing arts in the past forgive me or even know what I did before, also a late sorry to thescythe and theshredder for every dramas I've caused targetting you. Hope you all understand that however I started I finally went on the right way and I'm now helping some people progress and not make mistakes like I did

Edit 2 : grammar mistakes

Why bother reading my signature... I left the community in mid-february 2018.

Anyway it doesn't matter... does it?
#73453 by GuestNINJAS Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:23 am
TheShredder wrote:sime123456..?thought you'd set a higher standard target.

Oh hey al are you still playing the game? Long time no see ;)

Why bother reading my signature... I left the community in mid-february 2018.

Anyway it doesn't matter... does it?

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