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#72881 by tib1231 Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:32 am

i said i droped it and i was kicked out of my clan because of porridgehead power abuseing me i was going to apologise though i think i might as well quit astroflux if my clan doesnt have any respect for me or evin second thoughts before kicking me out or evin asking questions to why i was not responding. :D :) ;) :( :oops: :evil: :idea: bye :mrgreen:
#72883 by ladelag Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:06 am
The clan tib is talking he got kicked is mine, S.A.C. and the person who kicked you out was me, so i think is right for me to reply to this.

My decision to kick you out tib has nothing to do with porridgehead. After i said to you on global that the thing about autism wasn't right, i also said to you on clan chat that is not something to joke about or make it an insult for anybody even if you were saying that only to tehdon and i adviced you to apologise for that.

You (or anybody) don't have my respect after talking like that of an illness like autism, that doesn't make less to the ppl that have it and i can't talk for the rest of sac members about if they respect you or not. So as you can see for me, you didn't deserve the oportunity of "second thoughts". Also, in the end this is my clan and i can kick out anyone i want for any reasons i like.

Porridge did good to chat ban you imo. Before you were chat banned, many players told you that autism is not something to joke about and you didn't asked an apology. Even you got a warning from porridge and you also didn't listened to that.

I don't see how this post is relevant unless tib wants to make an oficial report about porridge, i wouldn't mind if this (incluiding my post) is taked away.

Whatever you do, don't fly into the sun.
#72892 by tib1231 Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:28 am
ladelag you are wrong i was going to apologize though i did not have the chance to i was instantly chat muted the second i said i dropped the subject as i was typing a apology in global he muted me from global for 15 minutes and then i pm'd him saying that was a wrongful chat ban and he immediately muted me from all chat for 360 minutes and yes it was wrongful of me to speak of autism so lightly though how was i supposed to apologize when i am muted? i cant and just so you know my last words after porridgehead said in private message drop it " i was directing this at tehdon though this was a misunderstanding and this subject is dropped " so i got muted for saying what he wanted me to do wich was drop it if you think i am in the wrong for saying i dropped the subject maby that respect i had in my own clan was poorly placed and this was a true wake up call from the illusion i had been subject to AND NO do not delete this post untell i get a responce from porridgehead and also one from ladelag
#72893 by tib1231 Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:39 am
and also whats more is i was on the entire time after i was muted i never logged out there was someone under the name tib1231autism or something like that well that was not me and also i want to point out evin though i did not capture it on screenshot when i was in vorsan and comet was talking to porredgehead porredgehead wrongfully said that the alt was me and also threatened me with a game ban so yes i have the right to be angry now because i was evin framed by a socalled respectable mod well if i could i would have him stripped of his mod rights for not evin assessing a situation that he himself had caused me he would rather clean up the mess by getting me out of there compleatly by frameing me and game banning me. so whatever that shows the true colors of porridgehead i guess of course i may be wrong about him though i doubt it. ~ :lol: ~
#72895 by Jpsi Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:34 am
You got banned because you avoid the filter of global. I see nothing wrong with that.
Why do you think a mod has to lose some time to answer your pm, when he clearly stated his reason ? You should have accepted the ban, and learn to avoid doing that again in the futur.

Whether you were the alt or not is a different story. But Porridge was not the one to troll, maybe somebody else created this alt. And yes if it is you, it can probably be considered as an offense that can lead to temporary game ban (although I am no mod, so I am not sure about what the exact moderation rules are).

#72901 by tib1231 Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:16 am
tib1231 wrote:jpsi i did not try to avoid the game filter you know nothing therefore you should sit in a corner and shut up ooooor learn what really happened instead of makeing guesses :mrgreen:
(gpsi One must be a student before one can be a teacher.)
#72903 by Jpsi Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:59 am
tib1231 wrote:jpsi i did not try to avoid the game filter you know nothing therefore you should sit in a corner and shut up ooooor learn what really happened instead of makeing guesses :mrgreen:

Funny you should mention that, when your own post is called :"how i got kicked out of my clan because i said autizm", which is exactly using different spelling in order to avoid filter.

But anyway, I do apology indeed: I thought your were a reasonnable person who genuitly wanted to understand the decision of a mod and explain (/apology) for a mistake which can have happened to everyone.
I can see now that this is not the case, so I leave you to your certitudes (and your ban).

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