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#71487 by Seawolf Wed May 17, 2017 1:03 pm
It happened. Four factions - Nezerians, Aureus, Nexar, Antor - engaged right over the Nezerian planet Mazim. It was midnight, so no one was in Fulzar except the four factions. And from the silence erupted madness.

Nezerian strength: 1 Regius Exterminator, 3 Bionic Queens, 4 Bionic Daemons, 6 Praetorians, 8 Battlecruisers, 9 Bionic Phages, and 38 fighters, that's what I counted. The bionics and Praes stayed around the Regius, while everyone else split into four groups. The Nezerians put their entire Fulzar fleet into the battle, it seemed like.

Aureus strength: 2 Judicators, 3 Sidus, 8 Monachus, 11 Warriors. Fewer Aureus than Nezerians, at least by my count, but their ships are a bit better.

Nexar Strength: 1 Commander, 2 Blades, 2 Skirmishers and 9 Bombers. Good fight, they killed an Executor with that kind of force once.

AF Strength: ...6 Peacekeepers? Pathetic.

Waiting for the Nexar to reach Mazim, I was an adhoc ally of the Aureus at the time. Because they were the only ones left who stood a chance against the Nezerians. The commander of my Judi was an Aureus male named Coronus. Interesting to look at, his face had two biological cyan eyes set in a red, sinewy fce, a mouth set in a gilded jawbone, with back-length shimmering golden hair. He looked almost human.

Since he's keeping a 17-year-old Nezerian girl in a cabin near the bridge as a prisoner (not for any purposes other than questioning according to official records), I called him a fleshy golden Pedobear a week ago. His response:

"The reason you have so many enemies in the Antor Federation is because your mouth is open so often."

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...

Anyway, the battle didn't start so interesting. The Nezerians just kept rushing fighters at the Judicators. I was right behind the back of the Aureus fleet in my Dmat, and still I had to gun down a fighter with a heavy cannon and Gatling laser they had so many. I'm not sure why some Aureus Warrior didn't come back and kill me. It's because they were all so busy, I guess. So meanwhile, the AF Peacekeepers opened up on the Judi in the back and were promptly shot out of space by a few spheres and triangles.

That's when it got interesting.

The Regius, all the bionic units, and two cruiser units came up around us and suddenly every last one of the Sidus and Judi was spamming lightning directly into the Regius. That's when I arrived. I fired a Zero into the Regius to shut down its shields and it responded by firing a nuke.

I hit the engines and ran. All the Aureus ships teleported away. I regrouped with two Monachi that were trying to hold off a swarm of fighters and went back for the Regius with them, where I saw Coronus' Judi and two Sidus fighting off Praetorians. I used my Zero again, knocking out the shield regen on the Regius. Then, the Judi fired a beam at the Regius. It was badly damaged, but it turned around at us and the Praetorians closed in...

Then the Nexar arrived.

With a blinding orange flash, the Skirmishers finished off the crippled Regius and then started confusedly shooting at Monachi nearby. And then a Prae shot me from behind, wrecking my ship just as I landed on Mazim.

My ship fell through the atmosphere and crashed through a maturation chamber and then hit the ground in the thousand-foot-deep chamber pit. I was banged up, and the Dmat would definitely need some repairs. And then I rose up and looked around.

Because a Nexar is basically a giant neon devil's flower mantis (I'm yellow), I would die in one hit from the hundreds of biotroopers around me, except I have a Phaser rifle. I rose from the wreckage and shot a yellow radioactive beam into four biotroopers, charring through their external tissues and liquefying their internal organs. My seven Nexar compatriots in the wrecked Dmat rise out and shot everywhere with blasters and projectors, knocking out biotroopers like bowling pins, but there were thousands of them and we weren't doing much damage. And then we saw a very small, probably not fully developed Bionic Macrophage rise over the edge of the pit, slithering on the ground, ready to fly into the pit and bombard us. And then a Stealth Bomber flies over us.

It drops an explosive charge into the pit, missing us but falling through the center of what used to be the maturation chamber, which fell through the ground. The pit was now very unstable, and it was all going to fall through Mazim's mantle of mostly empty space and scaffolding within less than a minute.

And then an Aureus Judicator appeared over us and fired a steel cable into the Dmat wreckage and pulled us up into its holding bay. As the eight Nexar ascended into the bay of the Judicator, we watched as the maturation chamber pit's walls and floor broke apart and fell crashing through Mazim, creating an expanding dust storm of metal splinters, white-hot sparks and burning toxic gas. When the bay doors closed, the Judicator hovered for a moment, charging, and then teleported to the middle rim of Nezerian Fulzar, victorious, with the once-again somehow not dead Seawolf in its holding bay.

I've survived an attack by the Cleaner in Cynapsian, an AF assault in Vorsran, and a huge battle with the Advectorian in Sarkinon. And now, I've survived the chamber collapse at the Battle of Mazim.

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#71501 by Seawolf Thu May 18, 2017 2:54 pm
The plan after the Battle of Mazim was to send the Executor from Ur to the edge of Nezerian Fulzar, to summon in another fleet, but when the fleet returned, Ur had been decimated and the Executor was destroyed. It was the Nexar, raiding Aureus Fulzar.

Anyway, high command of the Aureus fleet also died at Ur. Coronus was now Praetor Prime of the Aureus, and he took me to Anijo, where I received Aureus surgical modification and have attained the rank of Censor.

I was there to watch the execution by incineration of the Nezerian girl from the bridge - turns out she was actually just there for questioning - and my task was to oversee the execution of 30-odd (I'm not disclosing exact numbers) prisoners at the Waidur blacksite. Two Sentinels would lead each prisoner into one of seventeen pill-shaped plasma conduction cells, which would then brightly glow with plasma for three seconds, vaporizing the prisoners cleanly and efficiently. Already, the number of prisoners killed at Waidur is around 68,000 (I'm not disclosing exact numbers). And the girl was walked up to a plasma conduction cell, it was opened and she was about to be thrown in when I saw her face.

It was Artemis Bly.

I ordered, via control panel, that all further proceedings at the cell were to continue on my specific orders. The Sentinels requested to know why and I replied that this was a special prisoner and had been so during the days of the Darksteel Renegades, before our fleet was nuked at Azuron and I was rebuilt by the Nexar.

I walked down from the control room as fast as I could have done so and still be considered walking and shouted to the Sentinels to give me the prisoner's records before this proceeded and then pointed out that Bly is actually 26...

One of them must have left the cell on, because it exploded.

The only player who knows Admiral Zhersis!
#71830 by declan_winter Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:39 pm
Not bad writing; keep up this instead of the trolling! Just a tip though, if you're going to go for an immersive rather than narrative writing style like this especially, make sure what you're saying is confirmed canon otherwise it's kinda breaks immersion. This is especially important since you reference/connect this fictionally to your actual gameplay experience, and write in a meta self-narrative style.

Just a couple example points of this: there can't be nine bombers in Fulzar, only 5 can spawn at once. The Nexar are confirmed to be humanoid, because Xhargreg passed as a Nezerian who look like humans as confirmed when you kidnap one for the sentient sponge (I love this game.) and when you kidnap a Nezerian scientist for the Antor Federation and get Dr. Mira to translate what he's saying in the Unknown Threat mission chain.

You keep you writing viewpoint consistent, kudos there!

One other thing though: your action scenes could use a little work. Here's a page that very well might help: ... ght-scenes

Show respect even to people who don't deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but a reflection of yours :)

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