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Please keep in mind this (very real) story series features a much younger and immature me, and details my Astroflux journey.

(Before you read, please note, if text is in accentuated like this, it means it's are merely my thoughts.)



Log 1: A beggining.

12/28/2014 - Astroflux - Day 1 - Hyperion Friendly - Level 1

*BEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEEP..!* "Quick, select escape vessel!" Hmm... Let's see, the Astro Falcon looks like it's supposed to be a mid-way between the two other ships, and has 10 total stat points. The collector seems pretty health focused, and has 12 total stat points. I'll go with the Traveller, because not only does it have a speed boost but it has the most stat points at 13 total.

Whoah, this place is huge! Where am I; it says "Tefat Spawned" what does that mean?" I'm on some sort of station being pelted by minuscule enemies, seems like I'd better take a hand in the defense!

I hovered near the Sattelite Station, staying put and blasting the mixture of Zlattes and Seekers with, what else? A Blaster.

After killing off a score or so, I received a mission Hmm, it says I'm supposed to kill a score of Seekers. What does it mean when it keeps saying "Tefat Spawned"? Who's Tefat? Proceeding to follow the missions given, I glided up to the Weapon Factory.

Lets see, I already have the Blaster, and it seems like a piece of garbage. The Beamer seems decent, but I like to fight at range. The Energy Nova looks nice and casual, but the damage is too low for me. The Plasma Guns power use is vastly too high, and the Acid Blasters difficulty seems insurmountable. Aha, there, the Missile Launcher seems very balanced in all stats, I'll buy it! [1*]

Blasting out of the station, I rapidly bombarded a near by Zlatte Spawner, stopping my flight to fire barrages of Missiles at intervals. The Zlattes traded back fire, landing quite a few bullets on my brittle ship when I stopped to barrage- I watched in terse agitation as my shields hit 0 and my health drained 90, 70, 50, 30; desperately diving into the spawner, I unleashed all my missiles on it! *BLAM!* 10. The spawner exploded, and I was safe, for the moment.

Quite by accident, I brought up the system map! Whoah, it looks like there's another entire galaxy just above the one I'm in, I'm checking it out!

I took off for the Hyperion Elite zone, the faint glow of my engine flickering like a tiny torch; upon arrival at the Upgrade Shack, I used the newly discovered system map to find that there were two planets heavily defended with spawners.

Nearing the closest one, I found it rimmed by red dots placed at random intervals. I wonder what those are? BANG!
Crikey, that hurt, it took down a fourth of my shields! I'm getting out of here. Flying to the planet Daren, I approached some ordinary looking Triads. I dove in, weaving between the hail of plasma from the turrets, abruptly breaking and sending off a couple missiles, annihilating a triad. *THUNK!* A ball of red plasma slammed into my ship, taking me down to half health. I slammed on my engine hyper charge and hightailed it out to regenerate my shields.

After approaching to regenerate my shields, I saw an extremely odd thing- a swarm of pink fish chowing down on the Elite Triads. [2*] They appeared to be coming towards me, so I fired off a barrage of missiles attempting to decimate them. I prepared to boost out of there, but before I did I heard *poofpoofpoofpoofpoof* and saw the entire swarm of fish disappearing into the sharp blackness of space.

I observed a red box on the wreckage, glowing as invitingly as a heating furnace, and decided to head over to it. Upon arrival, a message appeared on the screen You found a new weapon: X-42 Constructor. What in the name of Erath is this? Equipping it in my first weapon slot, and keeping my Missile Launcher in the second, I tried it only to find that it made a Triad, and wonder of fluxin' wonders, I watched as it went to work obliterating a Zlatte left over from the fishy annihilation prior.

Piloting into the unknown, I found another space farer who, like me, flew a Traveller. He attempted to shoot my with a Blaster, so I abruptly changed course, flew out of his range, and fired off a volley of Missiles; only to watch as they flew right over him. Very odd, can you not attack other pilots? Why was he firing at me, then? Oh well, I guess I'll keep exploring.

I flew over to the hanger, landing, and upon finding a host of other ships there, stared in amazement! I looked at ship after ship- Hmm, I don't like the look of the Skeletor, no, not this one either... WHAT IS THAT? It's perfect, I'm going to buy it as soon as possible. Not only could the X-34 Carrier spawn drones, it also had nearly perfectly symmetrical stats!


1- The Pixi Launcher did not exist, and the Missile Launcher was in its place, along with the Plasma Gun in the Hyperion Armory.

2- I had no idea what Piraya were, I assumed they were some sort of rare swarming enemy.


Log 2: Newbie

2014 - Astroflux - Day 6 - Antor - Durian Hostile - Level 18 - X-34 Carrier.

Durian farming for the Kritillian warp is awfully slow. My cargo capacity is 50% full, [1*] I'd better go to Venturi to recycle and sort through artifacts I've found.

BLAM! What was that?! Who's shooting at me? Dodging Missiles left, right, and center, I fled! The pirate Scorpion teleported onto me in his Retro, rapturing me with Shadowflames. I watched the death screen while he took my cargo. Instantly after respawning, [2*] I went after him like an Infested Missile, hot on his engines, I flew after him bombarding the thug with my Cluster Missiles. They flew into him but: didn't stop.

He reached the safe zone, there's not much I can do until he makes a move. His move, warping to Venturi, was somewhat worrying. *Whoooosh, bang* I zipped after him; "give my cargo back. I demand that you give my cargo back. Give my cargo back!" This guy's about as talkative as a potato. He landed on the recycle station. I'll bet he's bluffing. Whoah, he warped to Durian again! I'd stake my ship that he warped back to hostile.

Not leaving the chase, I warped after him yet again- arriving in Durian Hostile, I saw him right next to the recycle station. "Give me back my cargo you jerk!" *no response.*

Oh look, a moderator, some guy with a weird name like PorridgeBowl, something of the like, anyways. Great, I'll just ask him to help. "Porridgehead, Scorpion stole my cargo! Tell him to give it back." "I can't." "Tell him to give me back my cargo, please." "Ok, go warp to Venturi Friendly." Thinking this strange, but not daring to disobey a Moderator, I arrived in Venturi.

A short while later, Porridgehead appeared in the Venturi warp gate. He flew over to me, and dropped a load of 58% cargo on me. "Thanks!" I said. "Don't mention it.", he replied, before warping away. After checking the cargo, I gasped- It was comprised almost entirely of Big Metal Scraps, Advanced Data Chips, Bionic Implants, and Polyhedric Fabric! It was nothing like my cargo which had been comprised almost exclusively of Hydrogen Spills and Small Metal Scraps.

He must've been so tired of idiotic beginners like... myself whining that he just gave me his cargo to shut me up. This needs to change, I refuse to be an idiot anymore. I'm going to learn, and I'm sure as entropy gonna be polite to Moderators as long as I play this game.


1- My cargo capacity was only level 2 at the date of this event.
2- Teleport to death didn't exist at the time.


Log 3: Ending of the Beginning

2014 - Astroflux - Day 8 - Antor - Durian Hostile - Level 21 - X-34 Carrier.

*Whoosh* Swiftly, I dove out of the path of a volley of Cluster Missiles abruptly retaliating with a dozen of my own. *Pop* My Zlatte disappeared; and the missiles flew by the agile fighter. It sure as entropy doesn't look like these Renegade Fighters are going to give me time to make more Zlattes. Hardening both my shields and my will, I flew towards the three fighters as they dove at me, peppering me with their blasters. *Whooshswhoosh* Two of my missile clusters whammed into the nearest two fighters, bringing them down, fleeing to recover my power and shields. *BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM* the other two fighters returned a hefty smack of missiles before I could get away- *WHAM* two of them smashed into me, bringing my health down to 50! Shoot, I need to get out of... *BLAM* the Fighter that survived charging at me earlier dive bombed, bringing me down like an insignificant locust with a couple volleys of Cluster Missiles.

(5 minutes later) Sheesh, that ride was longer than an ???'s beam range! Let's see how the two remaining fighters like me now! Oh wait... crap. The freshly respawning fighters launched innumerable Cluster Missiles, ending my ostentatious charge.

Well, this is more painstaking than a sentient sponge's lunch. "Need any help?" Asked a passerby named William. "Yeah, that'd be super nice." I replied. On the interminable ride to the renegade's base, he queried "So, do you want to join my clan?" "Sure, after we finish these fighters." Arriving at the fighters, he used some sort of rainbow-shrapnel launcher [2*] and instantly annihilated any and all traces of the fighter's existence from the face of the universe.

"Thanks!" I said. Smiling, [3*] he replied "No problem- So, wanna join the clan now?" "Alright, how do I do that?" "Just send an application, the clan is called T.W.O.T.N." Quickly applying, I questioned "Now what?" "Just go to the application spot again, and enter." As I did so, a new communications channel opened up labeled "Clan". Immediately flicking it on, I declaimed "Hi guys!" "Hello" Replied a man named Pond Jumper; "welcome here" responded someone named Eric, smiling. "Hi." Riposted a Scartrow pilot named Max I'd seen earlier.

"Welcome to the clan!" Proclaimed a grinning William.


1- His actual username is WilliamQ10, for narrative purposes however I'll refrain from putting random number/letter combinations in people's names.
2- Prismatic Crystals.
3- If I assign a face such as "smiling" to someone it means they put an emoji such as " :) " in the text.



Well, hope you enjoyed. This is all non-fiction, if my memory serves me correctly. Please, tell me what you thought of the writing style! Since I'm going to write a few of these, I may try a few styles before settling on one, so again, please state what methods/styles of writing I've tried that you like/don't like.



Log 4: War of Worth or Words

2015 - Astroflux - January - Zergillin Friendly - Level 26 - X-34 Carrier

"We need help killing these Spy's." A Medic C2 pilot named Xiper said on the local communications channel. He and a temporary coalition of rovers had banded up to kill a squad of Renegade Spy's- seems like it's the other way around to me, I grimaced to myself. "I'll help." I declaimed. "You're a level 26." "Yeah but I can survive against them." I said, smiling with what I hoped was a warm smile. "Yeah, but we need to kill them." "Just ally with me, I want to help."

Adding me to their temporary coalition, they charged without waiting for me to get there; I watched the system's map while flying, seeing a rover disappear from it when they reached the stronghold. I'd best be preparing, this sure as lag ain't gonna be easy. Making haste, I began building up a drone fleet; 3 Zlattes, and 2 Triads. Watching as the rovers fled like Dr. Drak, while desperately attempting to land a few shots on the Renegades, I arrived.

I began furiously bombarding the spys with Cluster Missiles- and immediately regretting it as two of them turned to chase me. *Pop* an ill-fated Zlatte was decimated. Hurriedly, I made another, fleeing as I observed an unshaken Renegade chasing me, with a Zlatte hard on it's tail; the rest of my pets had stayed behind distracting the other spy that'd followed me. Abruptly turning and raining Cluster Missiles, I inadvertently gave the spy time- it rushed next to me; I flew, pounding anxiously on my hyperdrive while it charged 3, 2... *kshhsk* a gatling burst shredded through me- 1! *Swoosh* my hyperdrive activated and I boosted out of the Gatling Gun's range with a harrowing 500 health! Don't get hit don't get hit don't get hiiit!! I panicked, dodging Infested Missile blasts all around me, spawning Zlattes and squeezing out anything my ship could give me- speed boosts, health, and invulnerability. I activated my hyperdrive again to escape; an Infested Missile flew, hitting a freshly spawned Zlatte right in front of me; No! *Pop*.

From the death recording, I watched as Xiper and the rovers, able to handle singular spy's, took down the one that had been chasing me. My distraction had proven quite useful.

After respawning, I found that the rovers had left. I grimaced to myself once more- A thanks might've been nice.


Log 5: The Way of the Narrator

2015 - Astroflux - January - Arrenius Friendly - Level 28 - X-34 Carrier

"Hello." Exclaimed a smiling William as I came out of stasis- into the Astroflux universe. "Hi!" I grinned. "Greetings." said Max. Stating my current purpose, I declaimed "Well, I think I'll go do some missions." "Good luck! Call me if you need any help." Replied William. "Alright, thanks!"

Hmm... aha, I think I'll go do this one, it says to land on the A.F.I.S. Headquarters, I'll do that. Lag[1*], this flight takes an excruciatingly long time. Now it's telling me to land somewhere called... the Withered Roots, in Vibrillian. S'funny, whenever I try to land on those it doesn't work. [2*]

One petite, albeit, eternal flight later, I arrived well-nigh my destination. Seeing a hoard of enemies on the radar, I stopped, and began to construct a fleet of Triads and Zlattes, as well as a Guardian I'd recently picked up. Eagerly pulverizing my Cluster Missile's activator, I barreled into the group of enemies, stopping at the center and releasing salvo's of missiles! For a moment, my mind was the only thing that reacted... Mistake.

After respawning, I checked the pilot activity log- William wasn't on. Turning on the clan communications channel, I asked "Would anyone care to assist me? I need to land on the Withered Roots in Vibrillian." Pond Jumper replied "Yeah, I can help, just give me a minute to get there."

Waiting at the warp gate for Pond Jumper to arrive, I observed an automatic communications message proclaiming "Chelinindron has Spawned[3*]." I didn't know this system had a boss. Fascinating! Checking the main map, I observed it flying up north.

"Sorry it took me so long to get here, I was in Sarkinon Elite." Said Pond Jumper. "That's fine." I replied, smiling.
"So what'd you need again? "To land on the Withered Roots, at the coordinates 887, 220." "Let's head out then!" He replied.

As we flew, I noticed him pulling ahead fairly quickly. Stopping, he said "You really need to upgrade your engines." I thought that upgrading my engines only increased the speed boost from the hyperdrive, not my ships overall thrust... goodness, that's why I've been having so much trouble! I'd assumed that the base stat upgrades only affected the corresponding abilities, and had only upgraded them to level 1 each to gain those abilities!

Arriving for a second time near the Withered Roots, I observed Pond Jumper firing an immense pink cloud into the enemies from afar. It slowly descended upon them, and at the slightest touch they melted! "What's that weapon called?" I queried, wide-eyed. "The Deathcloud." I'd love to get myself one of those! After landing on the Withered Roots, and completing my mission, I exclaimed. "Wow, thanks a ton, that really helped!" "No problem."

Seems like I've a lot more to learn than I expected. Oh well, back to the slow process of getting stronger!


1- Lag is used as a curse here. Not in place of one, as I don't actually curse in my head, just as a place holding exclamatory adjective for extra literary pizzaz. Occasionally I think in broad ideas, rather than specifics and as such I'll always try to convert anything broad into the closest specific I can, for the benefit of y'all reading this.
2- I am referring to other Withered Roots, I had assumed you couldn't land on any after I tryed a few in Krittilian.
3- Chelinindron's respawn timer was 10 minutes at the time, a far cry away from what it is today.


Log 6: William

2015 - Astroflux - January - Hozar Hostile - Level 36 - X-34 Carrier

Carefully positioning my ship on the coordinates -188, -188, I launched a quick burst of Cluster Missiles, securing the premises from an exploring Dire Moth. Spawning my fleet of Triad's, a Guardian, and Zlattes in that order, I carefully layed down two barriers of mines[1*] and waited for Dr. Drak to appear.

"Hello," Smiled Eric- "Howdy!" William grinned; Max, being his usual self merely declaimed "Hi." "Hi guys," I grinned happily. "What's up?" William asked. "Oh, nothing much, just killing Dr. Drak for resources."

*BoomBoomBoom!* As if on queue, Dr. Drak whammed into my mines, taking down his shields by about a quarter! Suddenly, all Hozar crushed down on me! Two Moth Alphas came in, distracting a Triad, my Guardian started bombarding a Vicious Blade, and a Blob tag-teamed a Zlatte with a Dire Moth! The remaining Zlattes and Triad focusing on Dr. Drak, I layed another mine wall near my ship- and stayed put, clearing surrounding enemies and landing a few missiles on Dr. Drak! Sweeping by, he ran into the mine wall damaging his shields another 25%! I layed more mines, respawning a Zlatte that had been taken down and launching a few missiles to clear off some Vicious Blades; *BoomBoomBoom!* Yet again, Dr. Drak whammed into the mines, depleting his shields down to 25%. Laying more mines, I waited- when Dr. Drak didn't return, I flew to find him.[2*]

Where'd he go, where on Erath did he go?! Looks like my Guardian is chasing something over there... oh. Laying a quick mine-wall I launched a missile barrage as Dr. Drak dive-bombed me; flying past him the missiles rocketed off into oblivion as he raced passed me... into my mines- *boom*.

Alright, let's see what we got here... ooh, 9K steel, not half bad- a Simple Data Chip, not bad either. Bunch of mediocre artifacts, nothing un-expected there.

After farming monotonously for half an hour, I began to suspect that it was more than enough for the day. I wonder if there are any missions I could do, this Dr. Drak farming gets boring, fast. Lemme see here, my research[3*] says I'll get a mission to take down the Mother Brain in Neurona. Hmm, Neurona, eh? Never been there, but with all my recent farming I should be able to buy a warp pass.

*Whoooosh, BANG!* This place looks similar to Venturi. Lots of death lines for everyone, eh? Opa. Landing on the Upgrade Station to receive the kill mission, I thought. I reckon I'll explore the system a bit before playing a friendly game of Cluster Missile roulette with the Mother Brain.

Flying out to the left path, I was rapidly hit by a few compact, sharp, red projectiles with trails similar to that of a Missile. Youch! That took away a good chunk of my health, I'm down by a quarter of my shields.. I Boosted back inside the safe zone to recover. I'll dodge those this time.; I flew out and launched several rounds of Cluster Missile at the source, boosting past the projectiles up near the safe zone, while continuing to dodge the renewed volleys of them. Looks like the blighter firing them decided to come and meet. I'll just gift him explosives. Taking aim, I streamed Cluster Missiles at him- *click.*

Oh dear, thats not good. Not good at all. thats the opposite of good! It has a nova! Dodging left to avoid another two volleys of the red projectiles, I thought fast- whipping out my Heavy Cannon, I gave it a couple rounds with what little power I'd regenerated. Rats just took down it's shield and it's getting close. I'll just keep dodging while I regenerate and... hold up, what's that?! Firing it's Beamer, my enemy almost instantly repaired it's shields. Quickly focusing, the Beamer damage multiplied, draining my shields and taking out my health- 80%, 60%, 30%, *whooosh* I slammed on the boost; *Pop.* and exploded. More red projectiles had come from afar, removing my last vestiges of defense.

Thats more than plenty; I can't deal with multiple enemies at once. He's likely going to die in the immediate timeframe. Flying into the northern peninsula housing Neurona's facilities and stopping just outside the Upgrade Station's safe zone, I peppered it with Cluster Missiles, making it nova and preventing it from firing it's red projectiles. As soon as it came within the peninsula's boundary, I flew close enough to blow it a kiss, instead unceremoniously utilizing my Heavy Cannon and turned it into Fantastic Frantic Fanatic™ porridge.

If I can hardly defeat the first Neuronian enemy I encounter, I don't think I'll stand much of a chance against the Mother Brain. I'd better call for backup. Observing my list of active allies, I found Max and William. "Hey, William, I don't suppose you'd mind assisting me in demolishing the Mother Brain?" I queried- "Not in the least!" William grinned and declaimed "I'll be on my way, just give me a few minutes."

While I wait, I may as well see what else is here.. After boosting out of the safe zone, a small red cloud-like projectile came barreling towards be from the east; *Swoosh* boosting out of the way, it flew past. A trio of the projectiles flew immovably by. I was surprised upon seeing the source- red macrophages, very similar to the ones encountered earlier at Polueno, in Zergillin. Backing off, I spawned in all my Zlattes and sent a postcard containing a large volume of salt and Cluster Missiles their way. *boomboomboomboom* the Macrophage dropped like a Zlatte, leaving behind a bit of scrap and radiated junk. Flying to pick it up, a more compact red projectile whooshed by me. AGAIN?! No, nope nope nope and nada. Flying back inside the safe zone, I waited until the Infested Fanatic Raider left.

*BANG* William arrived on the scene; "Hello!" He grinned. "Hey. I replied, smiling; When you're ready." flying into the left side of the maze, we turned south, then came into a small cul-de-sac with two entrances and some creatures that resembled the Baby Beetles from Mitrillion but somehow more... SOLID. *flauskflauskflauskflausk* This state of solidity, however, did seemingly nothing to prevent their utter annihilation by Williams's Prismatic Crystals.

Editors note-> Neurona Exploration, character expansion through boss kill.

Not feeling inspired to write. T.B.C. when I'm ready, probably after finishing spring classes.


1 - Mines were laid down one at a time back then, like Healing Easter Eggs. They changed the laying pattern.
2 - The radar used to be a LOT smaller, and as such enemies like Dr. Drak and the Fanatic Tank were harder to find.
3 - I'm referring to research done in the Astroflux Wiki. I read it incessantly after deciding "not to be a noob".


Hey guys, hope you enjoyed. Please tell me which section types of my writing you like/don't like- E.G. my fight scenes, thoughts, or communication so I can change styles in those sections if needs be. Also, if there's some scene types you'd like to see more/less of, tell me that too! Do y'all think I should release these whenever I edit a bit in, or wait for a log to be complete, or go so far as waiting for individual data banks to be completed before releasing them? Also, do you think I have to many slowing/pausing literary devices such as - ; or ... ? It's a quirk of mine to put quite a few of those in my writing.
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This is cool! I wish I remember enough of my beginnings to write something like this, seeing porridge before he was a mod was kinda funny :P

Please feel free to private message me!

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I did what now? Gave away a cargo load to some newbie?

Simply to take the sting away from a valuable lesson learned?

That doesn't sound like me. Nope, never happened. I would never do such a thing for fear of being inundated with needie newbies (heh... I quite like that).

Nice writing Declan. Keep it up. You obviously enjoy writing and you have a flare for it. My advice: write as much as you can about everything you enjoy. Above all else, write for your own pleasure, not for somebody else. So employ literary devices as you see fit, not based upon the opinion of others.
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Well, my cargo bay, as stated in the notes was pretty tiny at the time. So it was barely anything to you... maybe 2% cargo. I presume you did it just to shut my mouth 'cause I was whining, you seemed pretty tired of moderating at that particular instance in time.

Show respect even to people who don't deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but a reflection of yours :)

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