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#25454 by AbBaNdOn Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:53 am
I have 3 crew that have around 1k+ skill points, only need 500 more. I have only explored 11% of planets in the game. Is now a good time to switch from training to exploring? Would i be able to easily get the last 500 pts? Unfortunately 2 of my guys are 500/250/250, but on the other hand that should let them do any exploration up to a point.

Being so skills does that make exploration take a longer amount of time like training or less?? Thats the main reason I am thinking of exploring. It should take less time to get those 500 pts than if i train for them...

Unfortunately I never got additional crew members so they would miss out on all this easy skill points...but if 500 isnt easily reachable i might hold off until I get more crew and try to include them..

But approximately how many skillpoints do you think I can get from 80-89% of planets and how long do you think it should take??

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