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Speed killing exe...

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:22 pm
by Xticks
I had this crazy idea that probably won't work and that I won't act on, yet...

I can kill an Exe in about 4 minutes, weak and tank-addicted that I am. It takes an additional 2 or so minutes to respawn.

Now imagine 6 players like me. They could kill the thing pretty quickly.
The bottleneck then becomes the respawn, not the kill itself. What if that clan had people at the SZ to teleport to and would jump between pvp and clan instances? Would one exe per minute be achievable? lvl 150 in a week?

Additional question: would it take actually longer to skip missions in order to pile up exe missions than to just kill the thing over and over again?

I have no idea how the XP scale. At lvl 131, it's still 30k xp per kill, 60 with boost.