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#73953 by .NET is the best! Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:07 am
Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for a while but I recently started to experiment with the game.

More precisely weapon stats.

I do know how the dps formula works but alas one element is missing... data!

The upgrades, ET, lvl bonus and art are well documented but the base damagePerHit and roundsPerSecond of weapons are more tricky to get by.
I can reverse calculate the weapon I have to get the base dmg and base roundsPerSecond but not for the rest of the weapons.
Since the client is not supposed to be open source I will also try not to resort to it.

So my question is the following: is there a repository of some sort where I can find either: the base dmg and rps of all weapons OR samples with all of the bonuses with it ( exemple: 100k dps for "x" wep when ship bonus is "y" and lvl is "z" and tech is.... which I can use to reverse calculate my needs ).

Thank you very much for any answers on the matter.
Queries used before asking this question:

weapon base dmg (Mentions of how base dmg is used but not where to find them )

astroflux weapons database (found nothing)

the wiki in general (data on upgrades and et but not base dmg )

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