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#73906 by hugojmaia Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:48 am
Level is not a requirement for killing the Executor.
Anyone can kill it for as long as certain requirements are met:
1 - Being able to reach the boss (It's basic navigation of fulzar, though the area there is packed with spawners)
2 - Having a decent debuff weapon for the damage type you're using (At least 40%)
3 - Being able to survive the boss' lightning for at least 20 seconds while dishing out damage to it
Once you got all 3 down you can solo it regardless of level. Since the boss doesn't heal in any way.
Sure, this is not an optimal strategy, seems more like kamikazing into the boss untill you manage to get it down.
But you will kill it with sheer persistence assuming nobody else is also trying the same.

A couple other things to make the deaths less painfull when atempting this:
1 - Right after a level up you won't have to bother with xp loss
2 - Make sure you're not carrying anything important on your ship
3 - Do NOT buy the teleports to get back in action
4 - Zoom out so you can see everything around you before enemies aggro on you
5 - Avoid engaging the boss when it's close to any other spawner, monarchus debuff shield regen and warriors debuff healing, getting hit by any of them will make it hard for you to survive the time needed to do any significant damage.

That's about it.
#73913 by JudgeJudi Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:50 pm
The Exe shreds shields like they don't even exist - armor is your best friend here. I run max armor ET and 600+% armor (30,000+ armor points) on my Vindicator, with the following setup (thanks to Robd626 for this one):

ElectroField for damage
Void Tentacles for health + energy debuff
Mines with maxed armor debuff et for some additional damage
Healing eggs (optional, for mobile health packs)

Really, any kind of piercing high DPS wep will work - ShadowFlames, Gatling Laser, etc. It depends on what ship you have, what your play style is, etc.
#73919 by Draconis Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:37 am
The original popular choice for killing exec was suicide bombing runs, stack all the damage you can muster and dish it out 2-3s at a time. Die and repeat. Arts are easier to get now, and they have higher stats, so things are way way easier.

Even something as simple as 2k armor with 100k health is enough to give you a solid 10 seconds under the most extreme conditions. Figure out the damage of a gold aura orb shot against 75% resists would be without armor, and you'll have the limit to how much max armor is effective. I wouldn't bother with more than 200k health and between 5-10k armor myself, you can always heal so there's no need to tank that much.

#73930 by DevNull Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:36 pm
3.5 million EF on a shadow seems to work pretty well..

cloak and run rinse repeat

I dont have many friends, I just know alot of people

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