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#74597 by mt10kardans Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:29 pm
This post was more like provocation because at the time when i posted it some memmbers from depraved assure that its posible to farm all blobs at once with glass blade(2.2 mil dps) and gain ower 2k arts per hour. And many players believed its posible. Only true about this post is blobs dps 2.3 mil and thats with about 1 mil troons. So depraved boys must have some op arts since they dont farm and spent all their time in skill. You need consider also time to check arts because you can farm only 800 arts per 1 cargo? I farm about ower 1.2 k arts per hour with art checking and recycle and not with glass blade because you just cant survive all blobs coming at you with glass blade. I just made this post to see what kind or reaction will get from them. Gues it wast just one of many bs from them or just hacks as allways since person who assure it got banned recently

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