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#73514 by McPwny Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:24 am
What is going on with the level divisions? the pvp button states there is a 20 level split between player levels, yet its really a 50 level split. My complaint, and yes this is a complaint, is how is this supposed to be fair?

Let me get real specific.
Now it took me about a month to reach level 100, it wasn't even that difficult; which threw me into the 100-150 bracket. so here I am, a level 103 eagle eye competing with these bad-ass blades, vindicators, goldenhearts, etc. etc. the people that have been playing for years. people that outclass a 1-month player in ship, artifacts, troons, guns, elite tech, level, and experience. people with an order of magnitude higher stats than me, the little 1-month player.
Needless to say any match I join i get pwnt rekt berned demolished, and insta-killed.

Where is the fun in that?
Wheres the fun?
#73515 by bolbi Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:06 am
I believe the current PvP brackets were broadened with the intention of making more matches but yeah your point stands that getting to level 100 top bracket is way to easy right now. Either slow down the levelling from 1-100 or change the brackets a bit more to like 100-120 and 120-150 for top level at least.

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#73518 by Jpsi Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:36 am
I think all of us know this problem. Trust me it's also not fun to have the feeling to farm people when the power difference is just too big. Note that I'm just speaking about power (mainly: art power from years of art farming), there is actually little to no higher skill involved in that case. So, when the power difference is too big, it's just impossible for new players to compete.

I have no good answer for that, except that I saw players becoming rather quickly (in a reasonable time-frame of a couple of months) competitive. So there is hope. Problem being: they probably spend quite some time in farming arts during those months, as this is literally the only thing mandatory to become competitive (well, provided 30 to 40m steel too). Meanwhile, you should accept (alas) to use a run-and-hide (with long range weaponry maybe ?) tactic to help your team in dom, and try to find weaker player to kill in dm.

Maybe a level the last bracet should be 120-150, but even then it's all depending on art farming, so this won't completely solve the issue (some player around level 120 already farmed tons of high level arts, and can be quite strong)

#73524 by hugojmaia Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:20 pm
I remember breaking into the 100+ bracket when all I had was a transmitter to my name, I got crushed, could barely survive deathmatchs and somehoe I could aid in the dom matches by running around and capturing.
Because I never bought a second ship up to that point, on the first week of my second month of playing the blade ship went up for sale and I picked it up. (I took the advice from higher levels to heart)
Though It took me all the way to level 110 before I started cracking into it, my first dm victory after entering the bracket came at level 115 I believe.
Though by the point I reached level 120 I was already pretty competent at it, no longer being easy prey to the juggernauts that were pete and baba.

The main difference between the brackets is that the competent people doing the 100+ all run at least 50% all resist, they maxed their elite techs on their ship stats and on their 5 weapons used to pvp.

It's just the barrier to entry, it's the grind apart from the number shown to the side of your name.

If you really want to crack into the pvp then you have to do the homework required.
Ingame isn't really good for getting advice unless you got a private line to a high end player or if your clan is willing to dish out good advice on the setups.

I've rambled enough, here's the question: Do you want to get into pvp matches to the point you actually enjoy them?
I'm assuming you're on a hard spot for flux, so here's the 4 budget (sort-of) ships that can perform well on pvp:
Bionic Larva: This is one of the harder ships to use, it's a reward from a long mission chain and only gets any usefull after you complete the mission chain.
Medic C2: This one an easy thing to use, somewhat good durability and the keystone of many flat setups. Don't worry about the -30% to all damage when it packs the +75% rof couple with a decent durability and an affordable price point.
Assassin T29: This one is on the paper side, with a strong weapon and the ability to cloak, as long as you can cloak outside of the enemy's view range you have the element of surprise, sure it's not as strong as the shadow, but it's considerably more durable and is a bit more than half the price.
Nexar Blade: You just complained about how you're supposed to compete with those and here I am suggesting you to pick up one for yourself. The blade is one of the kings of PvE and a really effective PvP ship with the right weapons. Main problem with suggesting this one is that the ship only goes up for sale once per 4 months, last sale was last month.

You should save up the flux and consider a new ship, the eagle eye isn't gonna hold a candle in the 100+ bracket.
Meanwhile, yes, you should continue trying to pvp, get the daily, that extra pod will be worth it and getting 1k pvp points will net you an extra 300 flux at the end of the month.

Not much else I can add here, I've lived through the struggle you're currently on. There's no shortcuts and I'm glad that the bracket is as large as it is, can you imagine the folks who deliberately stay at level 99 then moving to level 119 and eventually killing that bracket off as well?
#73526 by Bellatrix Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:28 pm
This is very true, I made a suggestion a while back, it would keep track of your kill/death stats and weaken or get your stronger depending on it.

Changing the brackets from what they are today would just remove pvp all together, since there would not be enough players for more brackets.

As people have said continue to participate try to learn the movement patterns, when people "q" or "f", farm arts, sidis, bioniq queen, bloobs, vosran. And get any of the ships suggested above, blade is a very good start since it is great for pve and pvp.

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#73528 by BrianN Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:18 pm
Id kind of rather the divisions be 0-60, 60-120, 121+
People don't realize how many millions of xp it takes to level up once in the 140s....a lvl60 is closer to a lvl110 than a lvl140 to a lvl110.

The underlying problem though is the overall withering of this game...Id suggest either crowdsourcing new content and/or the devs being honest about the state of the game. Sure, some kiddies don't realize the reality of real world economics, but a lot of the players here are older than you may think...and may be able to help.

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#73537 by meep987 Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:48 pm
I feel the same way im level 65 but at level 40 how are you supposed to kill a level 70
#73592 by boogerrito Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:39 pm
+1 to BrianN's points.

I don't think it's a good idea to shift the brackets yet, as I think blob arts should be kept out of the 50-99 bracket (even though people use PvE blob arts anyway). But he's 100% correct that the reason the brackets aren't smaller or different is because of the tiny player pool. It doesn't make a lot of sense for balance, but it's what we have to do to get matches right now.

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How to PvP
#73627 by McPwny Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:39 am
This got better feedback than I thought it would, thanks.

@ boogerrito yes there is a small amount of players, but the majority of all players that want to participate in PVP are pretty much mostly 100+, save for a few that camp lvl 99 out of fear of being thrown into the 100+ bracket.

Now i dont know when the last time anyone here was under 100+ but let me tell you, there are literally no games at all. Perhaps 1 or 2 a day, but really there isn't.

jpsi said a few posts back

"I think all of us know this problem. Trust me it's also not fun to have the feeling to farm people when the power difference is just too big. Note that I'm just speaking about power (mainly: art power from years of art farming), there is actually little to no higher skill involved in that case. So, when the power difference is too big, it's just impossible for new players to compete."

Now on the flip side of not finding player farming fun or a challenge there are PLENTY of people in the 90's, and early 100's that want to participate in PVP that either cant get a game, or to put it frankly don't want to play killfeed for a consolation prize over and over for anything other than a daily mission.

I am confident that changing the brackets would lead to better PVP gameplay and more participants aswell.

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