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#72297 by PurpleVind Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:41 pm
I understand that health is removed and shield added when an art has hp to shield. I am more questioning whether the percentage is after all bonuses, upgrades and %hp and % shield is included or is it before? Does it matter how much hp you have when transferring to shield, does it increase the value and if so what is the math behind it? I am sure the mechanic works either way the conversion goes.

In am asking because I can figure how a 100% hp to 150% shield is calculated.
#72301 by hugojmaia Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:04 pm
I'm gonna use HP to SH as an example since it's more common.

First you have your base HP.
Then apply the Maximum Health ET on top of that if you're using it.
Then you apply your artifacts's +health% on top of that.
And finnaly you add the +health arts

Second you have your base SH.
Apply maximum shield ET of top of that if you're using it.
Apply your artifacts's +shield% on that.
And the +shield arts come then.

Tird your HP to SH art will then apply its % reduction on your health. The amount your health was decreased is then multiplied by 1.5 and added to your shield.

The first 2 steps will happen in that order. +shield% won't effect the converted amount the same way +health% won't take effect on the amount provided by a SH to HP art.
The combo then is to have +health% and +health arts for HP to SH or +shield% and +shield arts for SH to HP. That way you multiply the increase provided by the arts.
#72369 by bolbi Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:01 am
Yep so in essence you want more of whatever is the opposite of what ypu want after converting, so for hp builds you want more shield, and for shield builds you want more hp, and the corresponding convert art of course.

If you want an example of the math

Let's say I have 50,000 HP and 10,000 shields

Now I add on a 100% HP art
+ 100%

So I add 100% of my base HP in this case 50,000 so now I have 100,000

50,000 + 50,000 × 100% = 100,000

Now I add a 100% HP to 150% shield art
"X"% of total hp after all non-conversion arts × 150% and then add that to your shield

(100% × 100,000) × 150%
100,000 × 150%
Then that becomes shield and you add it to what your base shield is, in this case 10,000
150,000 + 10,000

So your stat's after all that would be

HP = "X*"
Shield = 160,000

* I can't remember the exact % but when using both types of convert arts it will leave you with something like .1% left over in the one you're changing so in that case it might be like 100 left in HP

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