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#71419 by PurpleVind Mon May 08, 2017 8:49 pm
Locust hatchery, priya, infected missile, yellow smart gun, target painter to name a few. Issue is most of those can be novaed, so the usual choice of court debuff is out.
#73188 by GoatusMax Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:45 pm
Currently on my Neutron X, I am using the base Particle gun with IAS elite, Nuke with Corrosive resist debuff, Plankton Syphon Gland with Disable healing elite, Pyraya with improved velocity and guidance and Infested Missiles also with improved guidance and velocity. I themed it as "The Ship With No Aim" as I designed my scheme to be able to fly around and doge with ease and not have to worry about where I'm pointed as much. The weapons themselves help each other by removing resist and healing and the added velocity and guidance makes it more likely that I will hit my targets. The main weakness this build has is anything with a nova of any kind, but with nuke, plankton syphon and particle gun as my three main weapons, it doesn't matter. I'll break down any defenses except armor and I won't let the enemy heal HP if I can stop them. The syphon gland heals me when I need it and is good for close up chases and HP raid flybys. Particle gun is great as a range finder for close by enemies and will stay on target till the job is done or the enemy is out of range. Pyraya takes advantage of the ships damage bonuses and seeing as the Neutron kinda looks like a trident, the fish theme goes well too, along with the no aiming thing. Infested Missiles and Nuke work well together as they both remove resistances, they both get rid of other missiles and they both have AOE for group damage with burn to keep the fire going while I fly around for another swoop. As for arts, I have a set up that currently gives me 52.5% all res, 15G in flat shield, 231% shield regen, 56.6% health, 645.2 flat armor, 303.4% armor, 42.4% Attack Speed, 2.66% speed, 74.4 flat kinetic, 27.7% kinetic, 79.5% energy, 206 flat corrosive and 23.7% corrosive. As you can see, I went with a shield and health set up with some increased attack speed and a little bit of damage bonus. I haven't redone the arts for it in a while, so I probably have better stuff right now, but that's what I'm running currently at level 118. I do ok with it, but its not my primary ship by any means. Still, I hope this helps.
#73194 by Dice2012 Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:05 am
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#73198 by hugojmaia Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:03 pm
If you're doing corrosive flat then it's better to save up the flux and pick up the skeletor ship,
If you've confortable with energy weapons then the eagle eye is a good choice,
If you're past level 60 and is still rocking your starter ship I'd recomend saving up for one of the ships that cost between 2k and 3k flux when on sale.
If you already have the neutron X because you picked it from the begginner package then you can just save up the flux for something better and make do with the particle gun, plankton siphon gland, nuke/algae nova gland with corro debuff ET, razors for the armor debuff, acid blaster and, if you're using kinetic flat, the blaster.

PurpleVind's weapon suggestions have some flaws:
Piraya comes from the sailfish ship, it's got a bit more shield than the neutron and can dish out about the same damage while being a bit cheaper.
The yellow smart gun has a 230k troons requirement, if you aren't active in planet wars it's unlikely you'll get your hands on this before passing the useful level range of the neutron X.
The target painter comes from the x-121 carrier ship, which is far better than the neutron X.
Unless you've got the piraya or target painter from a pod, it's not worth buying the ships just to upgrade the neutron.

That's all good if you wanna use the Neutron X for its +200 corro bonus. If you wanna make good use of the +20% corro it has then here's a list of weapons that might work well on it:
Acid spores - Very good damage and devastating against enemy groups, you get this from the cleaner boss in cynapsian, just ask nicely if you see someone killing the boss so they let you snag the red crate in case it drops one.
Death cloud - It's a reward from a mission chain, not too hard to get and has AoE with dot and leech.
Wasp Bait - It's an expensive pet that you can get on the abandoned weapon factory on fulzar and it's the tankiest pet available.
Moth queen spit gland - It's a long range seeking projectile that has stacking dot.

And if you want to use it with kinetic% then these weapons will make it interesting:
Razor - High damage output and can hit multiple targets.
Railgun - High damage, no auto-aim.
Piercing Gun - Even though you're only boosting half of its damage, it hits like a brick.
Heavy cannon - This one has a very high power usage, but it's a decent armor debuff.

As far as the rest of the good corro and kinetic weapons go, they either come from vorsan or they come from ships better than the neutron X, don't dream about using them on the neutron X unless you've already won some of them through a pod or your clan is willing to help you get a nexar projector or nexar blaster in vorsan.
#73220 by PurpleVind Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:30 pm
My list was based on weapons that have corrosion and kinetic damage together. I know that priya is from another ship, but locust hatchery and even was bait are drops. The train issue with yellow smart hun can be tough, but as someone who is level 118 said they were using the ship, it is possible. My thought on target painter is I can't think of a good corrosion we that already has armor debuff in it. If you are using a lot of rod weps, armor debuff would be needed.

Otherwise, yes some of my suggestion are not feasible at low levels of without other ships.

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