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#71052 by black__ace Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:28 pm
ever time i think i want to buy into your game. the game screw's up in some way. where are the problems you would ask. well there are so many i'm just thinking of leaving due to them. there is no point to play or pay into a company that doesn't fix there own problem's or con't to redo there programming due to no long-term or future planning as to "op weapons". which are an easy fix but they will go back for countless times redoing them just for them do it again and again over time. or adding useless things as to art strength which were already in game just not defined. as most games grow with time and the gap grow between free and paying most game die a slow death. where this game rewards players that have been here from the start with arts "amounts" that can't be picked up today. just goes to show that the company has no real plans to change. and be better then other company's. the only way a company "this game" can grow is if there are concrete platforms in the game environment that do not change over time. No matter how the game grow's.

it is my belief that this game is a uncut diamond. that could and should be making $10's of millions a year. but in til the company starts changing there broken ends and comes out with concrete platform " on a wide variety of game topic's" also including adding there own version of the wikia. this game will slow die.

if any dev are mod wants to chat. message me personal here in froms

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AstroFlux is a MMO space shooter with numerous weapons, upgrades and abilities. Explore the galaxy and collect space junk to gain resources for new technologies.