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#69817 by Draconis Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:21 am
TheSupreme wrote:
Draconis wrote:The first thing I tried was suicide, then I killed wanderer when that didn't work. You don't think we found and killed gerhavis vorghis and wanderer all within 2 minutes and still made it to the black hole to suicide?

Gave the suicide method 3 tries, waiting 15s to respawn each time. Every time resulted in only zhersis showing up.

Gerhavis has a 30 minute respawn time, did you kill it before?

We had just entered the system, with the intent of farming wanderer. Killed nothing except the elite recycling station. Our goal was not gerhavis tho. The only thing I can think of to explain it would be that we only waited 15s, when I first discovered this I used 30s to respawn since that's roughly how long it takes most enemies to despawn.

Tested at 35s and sure enough they all spawned, wanderer gerhavis vorghis and zhersis at the same time.

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