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#69023 by Bellatrix Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:50 pm
Bianca wrote:
Bellatrix wrote:
Regarding pvp and venom
Majority of the ships are not used in pvp, most people copy/use what others already do since they dont need to spend time/resources on finding out what works. Noone uses venom so getting help with setting it up is harder, then e.g. vindi.

I use the Venom, she is such a beauty, especially with my own paint job ;)
But not in pvp as I do not pvp. With my little skills I try to use her in Fulzar left.

And I am still wondering why one ship is better for pvp and one for pve.

In this day and age it relates to the ship specific weapons. E.g. blade is great for most type of PVE things due to the kinetic phase blade. A corrosive build on a tanker is great for PVE in vosran and end game. A high energy damage setup on a vindi coupled with ef is devastating when farming in PVE.

Some of these ships and setups are also good for PVP, but since a player differs alot from a NPC you also have different requirments. I would say it is mostly related to the fact that NPC*s have a specific pattern/routine, you can use that to your advantage with players you have a higher variation to account for but also less hitpoints to take out.

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#69132 by TheSupreme Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:24 pm
I take back everything I said. Went over some new numbers and found some surprising things about the Venom-v30. :)

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