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#67547 by AC-Archangel Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:04 pm
TheSupreme wrote:maximum resist for all pvp damage is 50%. pve is 75%. Bolbi is correct.

I suggested 1 resist type for more of a pve thing (not a bad idea for pvp though)

also, please remind me of your dm record. I do not recall.

Maybe a whole 15 deaths in under 80 dm on my first account, hundreds of kills to the point where people thought i was hacking because i read the forums and learned how to not die. Then i broke level 80 and there was much jaws.

Also you are not a developer, but you are correct i had forgotten that stupidity.

Off topic so this means im immune to debuff. Huh.

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#67574 by Fulminis Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:30 pm
AC-Archangel wrote:Yeah fuminis the only thing i see you could be doing better is to convert hp to sh(or vice versa, i cant recall the stats of skele, but my clan mate iggy manages 200k shields amd for defensive wise add hp% arts to improve what little tankyness you can get.

Yeah i already tried that.. but sh to hp takes alot of room specially on my ship that doesn't have good arts, let me show you a few examples..
My current setup is |1 Shield flat|2 Corro Flat|1 Rof|1 61% All res|
If i use a sh to hp build it would take 2 rooms because i do need a shield battery to cover up my loss if i just simply use a sh to hp art without a battery art i'd keep 28k hp and lose all my shield.. but if i use a battery i'd have 50k hp and would cover up my 28k shield loss and add 12k.. why 10k and not 20k? my skeletor already have 10k hp and those arts just adds up 30k to it.. isn't a significant change to sacrifice a 600 flat corro or my rof.. because if i remove resist it would be the same thing as being with no sh/hp art...
I could probably try if i had a 1k corro art and a 50% rof art but with my current ones?? no chance at all.
#67588 by Fulminis Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:18 am
AC-Archangel wrote:I feel like you got it backwards, upgrade hp et, add a convert to shield art, then a improve hp% art, it will yield much better results.

Oh.. thinking of that way it makes sense.. going to give a try for your tip!
#67695 by Fulminis Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:36 pm
Okay so i've updated my setup again and i think it's a good one.. i'm having 2 setups, one is a tanker and other is a glass.
My tanky one which is the one is most liked has 60k hp and 5k shield and still have 1.2k corro flat and no rof sadly
Setup: |2 Corro flat|1 Sh to Hp|1 Shield battery|1 62% all resist|
And i've upgraded CL's rof ET to 40 and Shield ET to 40 too
and i'm going to upgrade shield et to 70 and prob i'm going to get 70k or 65k hp

Now for my glass setup i use
|3 Corro flat|2 Rof|
With this setup i can get 50% rof and 1.5k corro or 1.9k corro (with the ship)

And a hybrid one with
|1 Shield generator|1 62% all res|2 Corro flat|1 Rof|
with this setup i can get 30k shield and 10k hp and a increased dmg.. it has 20k (and soon 30k) less health in general from my tanky setup but has a increased dmg.. mainly a setup to fly around without having no dmg or no defence

So.. any thoughts? or tips idk
#67701 by bolbi Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:17 am
I would think you'd get more than 5-10k more hp when leveling that shields ET, I'd guess somewhere around 20k at least.
Ther others sound good for farming arts. Just keep your eye out for potential combo arts (i.e. an rof art with damage or a shield to hp art with health and armor on it etc.) and try to look for maybe 2-3 arts that may combo well like one with damage and all resist, another with shield and rof, and one more with shield to hp and armor, as just an example.

And if you don't already know look out for multi line arts with the same type of bonus. (i.e. three lines of energy%) you'll have to kind of judge for yourself how these arts will turn out after upgades but most times rhey end up a lot better than they started.

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