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#66262 by Prozduck Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:41 am
Hi there,
I'm Kongregate player and I decide to create an account here, at Astroflux forum, as we have a very small community on Kong, just to ask if the Astroflux staff has any plans to give some better benefits for us compared to the advantages in others platforms.

I heard about these advantages through some friends which didn't play on Kong, specifically talking about the bonus flux given on Facebook to new friend requests accepted reward.
So, I've make an account in all sites associated to the game, which I knew (astrofluxnet, armorgames and Steam) looking for some special benefits.

However, I would like to warn that I'm just a player looking forward to this great game gets bigger with a lot of new players all around the world, and also don't know much about how the contracts are established with these platforms (definitely no idea :?: )
But I got some experience with other games that I played before Astro.

Generally, I've seen on FB games, there's a bonus offered by the games to new players (new friends requests, daily friends rewards, etc)
and I used to play one game, which I knew it was going to Kongregate too.
Then I stopped playing with my friends/community to play with my account on Kong, due to special weekly bonuses given to players that reach top 50th, and mainly because there is less competition, as it had an exclusive server to Kong players, so I might had a chance as a F2P guy.

Therefore, all I want to know is if there's any chance for us to get better overall advantages...
I mean, the game mentioned had exactly same rewards both FB/Kong (in everything) although, of course, I can't confirm how that game has grown here in terms of players due to these similar benefits, anyway.
Lastly, I wish the best to this awesome game, and hopefully, soon, with all the new contents, PvP changes, updates, it attracts more ppl being even more fun!
#66352 by Jesright73 Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:51 pm
If you're Kongregate account is new, you can get the beginner package for free. Just complete the Progress bar that appears in the top banner, and you get 10 kreds. Use those 10 kreds to buy the beginner package when it is on sale.

That is the only advantage that Kong users have that i know of.
#66568 by kon432 Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:47 am
Also, its easier to get flux on Kong than For example, you do an offer that gives 140 Kreds. That same offer, if you do it on, you get 1,400 Flux. Those 140 Kreds can be used on power package but you can't spend flux to get the power package.

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