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#64313 by Puppy333 Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:29 am
Title says it all... can a blade farm Ur similar to how Magenta shows in the Furming guide?

Assuming access to any weapon except lwg and with about 6m steel to spend on upgrades and player lvl 102~
#64325 by Mika Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:31 am
Absolutely possible ! its best ship imo to farm ur repeatedly refreshing fulzar
and the best part is its gona be fast and "one of the best Place to farm money" like 600k - "1 million per hour" IF you are vip

BUT its not gona be easy
these little tips will abolutely help

tip 1. jump out of the ur and imidiately spawn energy and kinetick orb and kill the spawner !!! orbs will reduce enemy resists and reduce ALOT incoming damage

tip 2. some of the time there is judi spawn so gear up with 160% energy res with right gears u can even kill the judi too! judis beam will lover ur energy reists like 75% if i remember so that amount will save u !!!

tip3. If you see colored judi. RUN if you see gold monarchus RUN simply go back to ur and refresh..Most of the time 600-700k dps is enough to even kill the gold star before the boss spawn

Tip3. i have build my blade just farming UR so i needed 2 orbs "infested missile(health disable)"and void tentacle(imp.reduce resists) my ur farm dps is 670k have fun =) ...
#64330 by Bellatrix Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:09 am
Well you can do it that way...

Or you can use void, infested to reduce the resitance of the sid and just kill it... The monachous will die quickly when you have charged up the phase.

But yes, I farm, exe, ur and anzo with my blade it is the fastest way. But I would recommend you spending some time farming mitrillion to get some more steel. You will have a much better experience when you have maxed out some more elite techs so 15 mil is a good start. Farm mitirllion or fanatic tank untill then.

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#64362 by Puppy333 Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:20 pm
There seems to be quite a few strategies for taking down Ur and it seems like I need at least 10m more steel to make it enjoyable (and possibly some more levels :P) On the topic of mit and FT I got DQ farming down to 30-35s per kill and often got extra GC from the middle spawner or other enemies nearby that I killed quickly... I'm wondering how exactly people refresh farm FT because form experience I can say just waiting for him to respawn does take quite a bit of time. Do people refresh and they wait by the station for him to orbit? I've tried that but it has usually taken longer then the proposed 40 seconds for him to get there. Or maybe go to 300 -135 before he gets there? idk maybe I'm just missing him on my radar :P Btw how does the kpb actually charge? does it have to have constant contact to increase the damage and if it loses contact does it reset? thanks for your advice it helps alot :)
#64390 by bolbi Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:39 pm
Puppy333 wrote:I'm wondering how exactly people refresh farm FT because form experience I can say just waiting for him to respawn does take quite a bit of time. Do people refresh and they wait by the station for him to orbit? I've tried that but it has usually taken longer then the proposed 40 seconds for him to get there. Or maybe go to 300 -135 before he gets there?

I could explain the whole thing but Draconis already has a video about it

But FT farms are generally much slower than DQ farming. Assuming you're farming correctly; killing DQ, killing spawners, getting GC(s), landing, and refreshing. Then you should be getting upwards of ~500k steel/hour.

P.S. I'm assuming you are using blade, so a little tip would be to use a quick armor debuff on DQ, cause 30 seconds is way to long in blade for a measly DQ.

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#64395 by traf Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:05 pm
Pretty sure I can farm Ur with my sub-3M blade. You really don't need much. I haven't tried any sustained farming recently though.

Tip: if you refresh farm, pop out of the planet immediately and start attacking the spawner. If you can be all focused up before they even spawn . . . they die quick.

For damage debuff, I recommend energy nova for 50% with maxed tech. I don't really use the debuffer unless I want to attack a gold sidus.

If you're desperate, void spam can heal you up a bit. Just make sure the warriors are dead before you void spam.

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#64441 by Bellatrix Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:17 pm
Traf and vox now you do it with his lvl 70-80 arts and see how far you come with 3 mil steel...

Ef is good but I'm guessing he does not have it yet

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#64446 by Puppy333 Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:01 pm
I do actually have EF but here is what my current arts give to both weapons with the same ET % dmg bonus (lvl 78, 58.5%)

first of all a baseline with no arts or ET bonuses:
kpb: dps = 108,683.7, dmg per shot = 4,152 x 2 (eng + kin)
EF: dps = 224,955.2, dmg per shot = 20,657

now just with the arts:

1. +61.7% all dmg

2. +66.3% rof

3. +52% all res
-37% shield to 150% hp

4. +36.8% rof
-49% shield to 150% hp
+50.9 kin dmg
+57.6% hp

5. +52.7% eng dmg
+23.1% eng dmg
+23.3% kin dmg

total art stats

52.6 all res
57.6% hp
103% rof
87.4% shield to 150% hp
64.5% kin dmg
50.9 kin dmg
117% eng dmg
41.2% cor dmg

weapon stats with arts:
kpb: dps = 344,938, dmg per shot = 5,968 kin + 7,007 eng
EF: dps = 771,152.4, dmg per shot = 34,863

weapon stats with arts and ET: (just those numbers above + 58.5%)

kpb: dps = 546,726, dmg per shot = 9,031 kin + 11,106 eng
EF: dps = 1,222,275, dmg per shot = 55,257

So the dps of blade at the various levels compared to EF with the same arts / ETs is:

108,683 x 6 at full focus = 652,098 VS 224,955

344,938 x 6 at full focus = 2,069,628 VS 771,152.4

546,726 x 6 at full focus = 3,280,356 VS 1,222,275

notice kpb only has to reach about 100% focus to tie the dps of EF and based on my previous calculations that takes about 2 seconds

I have also experimented with leech on kpb and it does actually work quite well because I never need to lose focus to heal (which at this lvl is kinda all the time to a certain degree)

with leech at max (4%) it would be 2,069,628 focused dps VS 1,222,275 dps from EF AND I get the healing from kpb as I stay focused... so idk I'm leaning towards kpb more then EF

And about DQ... when I said 30s to kill I meant 30s to kill DQ, refresh, kill spawners, and kill DQ again. Basically killing DQ and spawners every 30-35s
#64474 by Bellatrix Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:55 am
So do that for a while untill you get more steel and can max out some more et's for health, power and shield, that will boost your hp/shield and dps.

In general leach will help you untill a warrior flies by and debuffs you, just to think about. I allways prefer more dps and then use leach on another weapon, e.g. void.

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