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#64047 by JR | snoopy Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:55 am
Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to change my ingame name. The problem is, I'm currently playing on Steam, and it takes your Steam username for the ingame name. However, when I change my Steam username, it doesn't change it ingame. Thanks for answering!

If you are able to change it even if I'm on steam, I'd like it to be : Atlaz

Here is my SteamID if you ever need it :

If you are not able to change my username, I'll understand why.
Thanks again! Have a great day.

- Joe R.
#64165 by I_Am_Jarvis Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:32 pm
Didn't see it at first either, when I was looking to change mine from "Elwood" (which it had defaulted to from logging in through facebook) to the name I've used in any other game that allows a change in player name (I don't care if "Jarvis" is also the name of a Marvel character. It's my last name and I happen to like how "I_Am_Jarvis" is self-introducing, dangit). Be glad you had the courage to ask instead of trial-and-error it :)

Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis

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