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#76980 by scott_mullenix Fri May 31, 2019 7:10 am
These are good questions.

Armor reduces damage done.

Armor reduces damage done its value per hit. What does this mean?
My armor is 126.

I thought Armor reduces the damage done to my Shield. Is that in the game correct?

If not, then I thought I shouldn't put any points into Armor; because thought most of the damage done is done to the Shield.

Because I already put various upgrades into Armor, I want the shield damage to be reduced with it.

In real life, I thought the shield has to be completely gone to get to the armor and heath. What do you think???????

Covered under Armor.

A worker could put in the game upgrades section that Armor and Shield work together as I shared above. I could email Fula Fisken about something different.

Preferences, which one?
Categories have reminded me of similar. Could this post be in which forum following?

General Discussion
For AstroFlux related discussion
"Could be a post about no questions."
"I think that questions could be put in this category if important enough."
"What is an example of General Discussion? I checked and"
"This game is fun." is an example; of this. Not a question and not a suggestion."

Ask and answer questions about AstroFlux.
"Reminds me. For me to possibly my input about the same situation; that it happened to me also. That could be put on the other forums also."
"I think I want to put this post in this category. If I shouldn't please let me know."

Suggestions for features or improvements
''I'm putting here that an improvement would be getting a newer ship. I wouldn't put this in forums "General Discussion" and "Questions"

Even if one of these is best. The post I put on one of these probably will stay there, and your answer reply post to it.

This URL shows my posts; I did put this here to remind me that I can find a post that I made that you put in a different forum.

I thought maybe that you could put this post in the proper category. I'd have to find it under my forum account about posts I placed. And I'd have to save this post in a different folder on my flash drive. Thought that KingsRoad forum support is can put posts different places; I don't play KingsRoad anymore.

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