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#72051 by Bellatrix Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:04 am
Mirabe wrote:
Bellatrix wrote:
Mirabe wrote:So, any rough timeline of when the bugs that make gameplay impossible, frustrating, imbalanced, etc. are going to be implemented? This seems like a small bug to focus time and effort on when there are glitches that affect so many more people, and in more poignant ways...

I have asked for this before, please do reports, by the template in bugs section, we will test, verify and move them to confirmed and hopefully the devs have a good chance of fixing these.

I have Bella, many times for the same issues and nothing gets fixed. I have lost my faith in the bug report system, sorry.

I wont speak for their history but I can tell you for sure that nohting is going to get fixed when people just talk about all the "bugs". It is hard to fix them "all" when you dont even know what they are, how many they are or when they occur.

I have moved and cleaned up the bug section a few weeks back, I will do the same soon again. If you have time and energy post detailed bug reports if not, live with the game as is and enjoy it.

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