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#65135 by Tef Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:32 am
Hey there fellow Astrofluxers!

We have added a few new timed missions aimed mostly for high level players:

Level 115 - Slay the Nether Horde
Level 100 - Push back the Nexar Army!
Level 110 - Assualt the Executor
Level 110 - Assassination Plot
Level 100 - Fulzar Strongholds
Level 100 - Design Effort
Level 100 - Design Effort 2
Level 100 - Skirmisher Wars
Level 30 - Milk Run

The rewards very from a lot of steel, some Flux and the Light Wave Generator!

We have also fine tuned the drop rates between different bosses and the rewards based on how much time you have to spend killing them on the same level as the enemy, and how farmable it is. This is of course very difficult to predict since some play in parties and some not, but I hope you will find the new drops more interesting.

Gold Crates
- Scrap Collector, a little less Steel. 5x 200-500 Steel
- Ant, about the same amount but removed 1k-2k Steel crate.
- Mandrom, added 200 crystal crate.
- Queen, added 200 plasma crate.
- Chelonidron, now drops 2x 800 Steel + 225 Iridium + 1x 1k-2k Steel
- Ossakel, 2-3x 1k-2k Steel.
- DMAT, 1k-2k Steel.
- Dr. Drak, 50% chance 3k-10k Steel + 1x 1k-2k Steel
- Spy-1, 1x 1k-2k Steel + 1x 200-600 Steel.
- Dread Queen, now drops 5x 1k-2k Steel
- Mother Brain, now drops 10x ~800 Steel + ~225 Iridium
- Fanatic Tank, now drops 1-2x 1k-2k Steel + 1-2x 3k-10k Steel, we increased the health and resistance significantly.
- Advectorian, now drops 3-4x ~5k Steel + ~600 Iridium
- The Cleaner, now drops 5-6x ~5k Steel + ~600 Iridium
- Judicator, removed excess randomness, about the same.
- Sidus, removed excess randomness, about the same.
- Bionic Queen, removed excess randomness, about the same.
- Rigus, Removed excess randomness, now drops an additional ~5k Steel + ~600 Iridium crate.

Happy gaming!
#65139 by Draconis Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:45 am
Some nice changes, looks like it still takes 3 years (literally) of non stop steel farming to finance an entire fleet. At least it's a bit quicker for new players to get a foot hold on a couple of ships now.

/ / /
#65141 by Nightsky Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:47 am
Could you please remove the light wave generator from the quests? I hate it when stuff get's easier as it already is... why not giving zhersis level 200 and let it drop 500 artifact crates? Would have about the same effect.

#65145 by Nightsky Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:57 am
Regardless of doing it... It's not hard to get the light wave generator. Killing some skirmishers, i got the light wave generator across 4 ships, including the Explorer. There is no need to support the impatience of players who moan about stuff like "uhh, i didn't got the LWG over the past months and i killed millions of skirmishers, make it easier"... i simply say: Bad luck... i also only got the railgun once after killing way more than 400 motherbrains and i also just got the acid spore twice over the past years, and i'm killing the cleaner quite every day. So where is my mission that rewards the acid spore?

Besides of that... even if the mission is hella hard, let's say kill 200 skirmishers in 20 minutes... how to get it on the ship i want it on? The recent changes on steel drop rates were above enough. I know a game where the hardest boss has a 1% drop chance of dropping special equipment, even worse, you can kill it only once per playthrough. still haven't got it yet but i'm not moaning in the forums and the devs sure don't make it easier, there were people who worked hard for it as well and i respect them for spending their time or having that much luck.

#65150 by SpecialK Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:55 pm
Very nice! My favourite change is Advec - some guaranteed iridium, way better than a big drop every, er, 12 kills or so. Other iridium additions are welcomed.

Looking forward to trying the new missions. :D LWG change will of course be controversial, but I for one am happy it's there.
#65154 by DaGGerz Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:26 pm
The LWG mission is hard enough that a low level cannot complete it without either heavy assistance or they level up. It's there to satisfy those which weren't so lucky even after all their farming. If you have a problem with the mission, skip it. It's there for those which want either a challenge or to finally be vindicated from their bad luck.

Some missions from the old mission contest were added into the game too, so congratulations to those players.


#65157 by GrayBeard Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:51 pm
Can some one please update the wiki with the missions, or post the rewards and description here so we can see them.


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