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#3884 by 1geo1 Mon May 20, 2013 11:40 pm
Well, today I went to gamestop and purchased a 50.00$ gift card.
I bought kongregate credits with it online- 500+ 65 bonus- I then used them
for....wait for it....FLUX !
500 gift card credits equals 8500 flux !
So now, I own most of the ships and each with a different weap,
because I wanted to try them all.
I justified my purchase by thinking the amount of time
I play this game- compared to a new X-box game was way more- new x-box
60 bucks...
Then I realized the value, if someone wanted to just spend
10 dollars- it could be one or two base ships ( I bought golden heart 5k flux
or even medium ships- or all but gh- oh, and fully upgraded because each ship starts at base price
for upgrades.
If you cant do it- understood- if u can- spend 10 bucks instead
of a happy meal-lol

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