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#45895 by 0_0 Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:25 pm
Just a simple difference/similarity chart thing to compare the releases of the two endgame systems

- When the system was released, so was overpowered and highly expensive / difficult to obtain weapons and ships that were greatly detested by the community for how they offsetted pvp and the game. Fulzar's weapons/ships were nerfed over time, and the same could easily come for Vorsran's stuff.
- Very difficult endgame content that was deemed nearly impossible at first release, but after a few months became not nearly as difficult.
- Once announced, it took months upon months to develope and everyone got kind of bored.
- With the release of both systems, new and creative concepts for enemies came into play (For Fulzar, it was teleportation. For Vorsran, it was enemy cloaking / enemy hardening shield)

- When Fulzar was released, many new different types of scraps were added that were only for Fulzar (Bionic Impants, Genetic Control Implants, Polyhedric Fabric, Hydrogen Oscillators). However, when Vorsran was released, there was not a single new type of scrap added to the game.
- For Fulzars release, everything for Fulzar (besides the Nexars of course) was already there. For Vorsran, the boss is still to be made!
- Vorsran includs a Elite Zone, but Fulzar obviously did not.
- With Fulzars release, the only real way to kill the difficult enemies was to lure to the safe zone and have a large team kill it there. With Vorsran, there is none of that at all!
- Death lines obviously


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