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#45727 by Jpsi Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:39 pm
Yes, positive. Neutron have 7 in both health and shield, while EE has 6 and 5 (respectively). Why does this surprise you ? ;)

Also, the eldorado does not have very high stat (it's also showed in the ship description), but you are paying for the weapons and the ship bonus (which are really good). I would actually say that this is a good ship: if this ship is too good, this game will be really p2w, because it's much too expensive and thereby limited to a few. It should stay top tier, but not the best.

If you want to check, I made a copy of you original post (I did compare my data to your data and the data of Dmat - made one year ago - I also looked at all differences).
Here are your data:

Assassin Sh 7574 Hp 6312 ShRe 119 Ar 99
Golden Heart Sh 15780 Hp 17042 ShRe 210 Ar 917
X-121 Sh 15780 Hp 18094 ShRe 210 Ar 967
Chicken Sh 13676 Hp 11782 ShRe 107 Ar 868
Retro Sh 24196 Hp 7584 ShRe 452 Ar 768
Tanker Sh 30508 Hp 33874 ShRe 254 Ar 1264
Snowformer Sh 16832 Hp 12834 ShRe 213 Ar 868
Scartrow Sh 17042 Hp 15990 ShRe 217 Ar 868
Judicator Sh 30508 Hp 8626 ShRe 532 Ar 892
Bionic Queen Sh 15990 Hp 26510 ShRe 166 Ar 1165
Portal Sh 22092 Hp 9678 ShRe 353 Ar 818
Skeletor Sh 16306 Hp 15464 ShRe 193 Ar 892
Larva Sh 11992 Hp 13886 ShRe 78 Ar 967
Agent B1 Sh 18304 Hp 14938 ShRe 207 Ar 868
Chrono Sh 22092 Hp 10730 ShRe 342 Ar 818
Explorer Sh 11992 Hp 15990 ShRe 297 Ar 967
Supporter V1 Sh 18304 Hp 14938 ShRe 255 Ar 818
Neutron Sh 18304 Hp 14938 ShRe 183 Ar 843
Crystal Sh 9994 Hp 8100 ShRe 110 Ar 793
Medic Sh 17042 Hp 13886 ShRe 280 Ar 843
Juggernaut Sh 10730 Hp 20198 ShRe 188 Ar 1413
Sail Fish Sh 19567 Hp 13886 ShRe 246 Ar 868
Astro Falcon Sh 14517 Hp 12834 ShRe 92 Ar 768

The spreadsheet does not calculate shield regen from what you gain via the convert. It also might have some differences with the actual meta, as the data are already from a couple of month ago.

Of course, please inform me of any noticeable differences you see: I will try to keep it up to date.

#59917 by Draconis Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:58 pm
It just seems weird is all, probably because the devs are a bit weird themselves. Aren't we all tho :)

Hopefully we get Vindicator stats this month.

/ / /
#60251 by Jpsi Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:32 pm
Hey Drac (or a mod), can you please change the link in your first post to this link ? This is another table (and new) which is link to the defiance account, easier to update. ... 0dy2R6OuJ8


#62712 by Krafter166 Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:42 pm
You have forgotten the Orbiter ship...
#62715 by Jpsi Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:09 pm
Check the link to the table in my last post (or my signature). On the second page, there are the stats at level 150 (in color) without arts: they should be correct, and you have the newest ships like orbiter and hellbat.

Unfortunately it takes some work to continuously update this static post, so it's not always up to date. Same goes for the spreadsheet, but there is a big difference: I can't change the first post (only drac or a mod can do this), but all the Phantoms of Defiance (first rank or second rank of my clan) are able to keep the spreadsheet up to date.

The stat of hellbat and orbiter at level 150 are:
Hellbat: HP = 19638 / Armor = 1935 / Shield = 16279 / Regen = 485
Orbiter: HP = 11886 / Armor = 1259 / Shield = 24031 / Regen = 681

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