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The lists below will provide the developers in the game and the current and former moderators.
Please maintain full respect and courtesy for all.
(1st flag is area they live, 2nd flag is nationality. If they don't have a 2nd flag, the 1st flag means both together.)

Developers of the Game:
Stefan a.k.a. Tef (Level design, graphics, programming) Image
Magnus (Game design, audio, programming) Image
Kumo (Level design, balancing, programming) Image
Toomas (Server code, performance, programming) Image

Active Moderators:
Porridgehead Image
traf Image
Myorum Image
srauls1 Image
bolbi Image
hyewon Image
dales Image

Semi-active Moderators:

Jotuhn (TheShredder) Image
Samuelf Image
Bellatrix ImageImage
Zulfiqaar (TheScythe) Image
TheStarved Image
Nocturne Image
Pansensuppe Image
Greg Image

Inactive Moderators:
DaGGerz Image Image
Kobbi Image
Vengar Image
Christoffer Image
Nagasaki Image Image
mattyandle Image
zerohp Image
Bellerephron Image
Seregon Image
pzratnog Image
NightRage Image
AgentBunni Image
peldor Image
AlphaEvermore Image
Kaffe Image
randomsteve95370 Image

Gone but never forgotten:
TheRealFatality Image
Grantlysme Image
Will_Smith Image
DmitryDaDouche Image Image
Spy-1 (TheSilent) Image
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