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#75948 by Neglectus Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:11 pm
First of all

Nightsky or however his name is made some rants and said things everyone says but there is so much more behind the 'thiz soooo imbalanced, plox fixxx' and 'devs ded, game ded' and 'lag hell, devs plox fix' and so much more everyone says on a daily basis. Yet, I have a lot more, in my opinion far worse, problems. Don't put this into the suggestion or bug category because come on, devs are not gonna read it, nor are they going to fix it either :)

Systems cost materials

You all don't even realize how unnecessary this is. It scares new players away, it scares me away from farming with alts/for alts and it can be easily solved. Just give those crappy systems as a quest reward. Done, easily solved.

Downloaded, regretti

Can't login with two different accounts with the downloaded game, g- fucking g


Apart from the HORRIBLE endgame, which is boring, rage-inducing and feels like a waste of time there is Nexar ships. I was bashing on people complaining about balance issues, but damn, I went into Fulzar PvP, 6 players inside of that shithouse. EVERYONE apart from me is a blade, why? Go figure :)
Also, nexar are horrible, both from design(except shadow), balance, balance, design and balance. Also fun. In both PvE and PvP.

Past vs Now

Used to be a fun game, engame ships were also thingies like BQ, Medic, Judi, Assassin. Outshadowed by the nexar, in every single aspect. Shadow beats Assassin, Vindi beats Retro(although that's not bad to me) Blade beats Judi, BQ gets pushed around by every nexar, really. Except the overpriced mess, which is never used... What was its name again...? Nexar Fighter? Yeah... that was never a thing

Bugs and Crashes

Sometimes the game freezes and crashes not only the game, but mg entire laptop. Fix this. A trustworthy dev team would fix it no time, what are you doing?

Overall game experience(Vorsran, Gellan)

Horrible, burdened, boring, unrewarding. Horrible for new players, but also for old players. There are people that agree and people that disagree.
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#75952 by Nightsky Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:42 pm
I don't put a lot of faith into Supreme's game, if any at all. His intentions are clear even if he tries to deny it. He just basically wants to lure people away from Astroflux by advertising it here in the forums (Kinda sad that our moderators aren't going against that kind of behavior) into a game that seemingly works the same. I don't see a reason how his game will survive long. But hey, it's not my pepper that grows, hence I shouldn't really care all that much about it.

Well, the problems you count up are mostly minor problems. The balance, the PvP problems, the low population and of course the lag are simply the biggest problems. They affect the game the most. Something like 'Resource cost for systems' is just a minor problem and not even a problem.

Bugs are part of a game. It just becomes more of a problem when the bugs are not getting fixed, hence you notice them faster.

Every game progresses. So new ships, new enemies etcetera are just a fixed part.

#75954 by BrianN Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:42 pm
Don't feed the alt nightsky ;/

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#75956 by wwers Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:17 pm
You do realize it also comes down to the skill of the player...right?
"Shadow beats Assassin"
Ive killed several Shadows, and even a Vanquisher (which is the kinetic superior) with an Assassin of 5 million steel. :/
"Blade beats judi"
There are such things as bad judi players, you know. Really its circumstantial.
imo most people play nexar because its easier, as in, more efficient.
But that doesnt mean other non-nexar ships cant do the same things they do.
BQ is still pretty decent, though I dont know why people dont play it. :|
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#75957 by mt10kardans Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:56 am
There is no such thing as skill in this game and i noticed that only bigest noobs talks about it. Fix idiotic lag and bugs that lasts ower year now and only maybe then we can start talk about everything else. I bet if someone copy this game exacly and fix all that and annaunce the new game in annauncments then devs wont even notice.
#75961 by wwers Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:28 pm
Funny how you of all people say that.

"You're a weeb."
"No I just like watching anime"
"So youre a weeb"
#75962 by Nightsky Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:58 pm
Because it is true. This game doesn't require skill. Or rather a tiny friction of it. Switching to weapons based on the current situation is not skill, it's a routine. Of course I'm going to switch over to something like Missiles or the Chrono Beam if my target is far away. And of course I'm going to use a close combat weapons while it's appropriate to do so. That is about the highest amount of skill level you can get in this game. The rest is meta-hugging, artifact farming, getting the right ship and that's about it. And if you deny this, then you simply are a fool. Astroflux is about getting the basic tactics down, and then gather absolute strength. If you want skill, you should check out games like CS:GO, Warframe, Star Conflict etc.

#75963 by mt10kardans Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:30 pm
Fortnite is also good example for skill not only shooting but also building and editing skill. In this game all depends of lag god. In this game you could do some combo attacks but q dont work often, big hit get trough q, tp wrong direction and not where you aim,, speed boosts back or tp just dont work and coolest from all that you get hit by some shadow damage sometimes when you dont see enemy when he is close and hit you. When you play this game day by day then you get kinda used to that all lag but when take a break and come back. Well there is only 1 question why. And pvp litterly cant handle 10 players in match. So where is skill? Oh yea and players who do hacking dont need skill or maybe they talking about hacking skill who knows. Looks like devs after steam relise loost all interest to this game. No player base some old crooks, some haxors with many alts, couple new players who lost interest at level 10 because astrolance still camping sz in 2018 and that consists of like 100 players who still livin their 1900s dream in local bar. No income for devs no fix and no new content. But devs could also think something diferent way not this huge pay to win stuff like invent cool ship skins for flux, basic ships and some bonuses not this ef, hf pod bs and pay 250 flux for basic ship reset where you need to farm like mil hours to allready upgrade.
#75964 by wwers Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:46 pm
Warframe's PVP is meh imo
I prefer PVE

"You're a weeb."
"No I just like watching anime"
"So youre a weeb"
#75976 by McPwny Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:41 pm
shadow also beats assassin in cost severely, also shadow has signifigantly less HP, and a penalty to power regen. it is only the extended power bar that makes it superior for pve farming and the built in weapon systems that make it even usable in pvp. additionally shadow has the nice option of being kinetic although is outclassed by the vanquisher in terms of kinetic damage / raw ship stats.


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