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#74016 by Draconis Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:44 am
In a game designed around competitive pvp action we are no longer allowed to offend one another.

Pretty sure that was not how the devs originally envisioned this, considering the foul language they themselves use, and the jokes I very clearly remember them finding funny... not to mention the way the game was designed, a haven for griefers.


#74025 by BrianN Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:41 am
Swoleflake probably cried to Scythe about him.

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#74026 by Draconis Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:51 am
Someone used the meme "HA! GAYYY" in global chat, and Greg deemed it hate speech. We're no longer allowed to offend anyone without it being hate crime, regardless if it was said in jest or not, regardless if there was any ill intent. If it offends someone, then it is hate speech... after all that is the websters definition of hate speech :shock:

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#74028 by TheSupreme Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:26 pm
Society is important. You cannot become a respected person in society until you first earn it, otherwise there is no respect and it's all Fake.

If someone calls you Gay, you may take offense, but even so they obviously don't respect you and you pushing the matter will only explode and devide - just laugh and move on. When you can laugh at your own expense, that's a very good.

When you have to worry about calling someone the correct pronouns, when that person appears as a boy and demands to be called "They" instead of he, society is doomed. Just because someone wants to be something they aren't doesn't mean they can be. Further, you cannot force someone to pretend you are what you aren't, especially if it wasn't communicated you wanted people to pretend you are an idiot.

Just because someone thinks of you a certain way doesn't make it your right to demand punishment. That's between you and the other person.

Thumbs down greg. :|

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#74029 by mt10kardans Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:49 pm
This gay thing is too mutch in game lately. Allmost every day someone calls someone a gay. I think that is more offensive than swearing. I think most of men would take it as offence and react more or less agresive if other man calls him gay with no reason in real life. Dont forget this can also have consequences when other players also start calling that person a gay. Because there is lot of babies in game like Sinner who like to talk about as he say very often...
#74030 by bolbi Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:17 pm
Honestly I'd say it more of the cultural clashing that happens when you start saying stuff like that. While I would take no offense to someone saying that, cause I hear it all the time with friends IRL just using it jokingly at something you did, I can imagine there are cultures around the world where that is on the level of calling out someone's religion or something of the sort. Altough I don't like it cause of what Drac has said above, you can't appease everyone and it's going to be hard to do that with all the LGBT rights stuff that is ever so popular these days, and if you are not PC you are a disgrace to humanity (I don't support any of that stuff by the way just stating facts.)

It's sad that that kind of stuff is affecting this game and I'm always compelled to say, "it is a game this is how most of us play it. Got a problem with it and you have the right to leave the game and not play, but you don't have the right to force any ideals on me." However from experience I don't cause I don't want to have to mute the person cause they start spouting off about "their rights" and how I have offended them. IT'S THE INTERNET PEOPLE, if you don't want to be offended don't use it, cause you are very rarely in places where there isn't one person who's ideals and standards are the same as your 's.

All that being said I can't exactly blame Greg for doing it as it was sonething not everyone would have known was referring to the meme, though it probably could've been handled better by just telling them not to use it any further due to it being easily misunderstood or something of the sort. Also not knowing any of the context the message is all caps so there's that to, but that's a rather minute detail here.

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#74036 by DevNull Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:45 pm
Why do we have Halloween anyways? when everyone is fake already???

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#74068 by traf Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:48 pm
It’s a controversial topic. It belongs off global.

Please feel free to private message me!

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#74075 by GuestNINJAS Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:50 am
Adding to the topic : I got over 20 screenshots of snowflake(Swole/Tyrael) swearing at me for no valuable reason via PM.

Why bother reading my signature... I left the community in mid-february 2018.

Anyway it doesn't matter... does it?
#74080 by TheSupreme Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:59 pm
Draconis wrote:
traf wrote:It’s a controversial topic. It belongs off global.

And nobody says otherwise, so far. Calling anything that is offensive "hate speech" is just plain ridiculous.

Well said! *applauds*

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#74081 by GuestNINJAS Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:18 pm
Draconis wrote:
GuestNINJAS wrote:Adding to the topic : I got over 20 screenshots of snowflake(Swole/Tyrael) swearing at me for no valuable reason via PM.

How is this adding to the topic... it has nothing at all to do with it.

I was adding to BrianN's sentence.
Soz if you didn't get it.

Why bother reading my signature... I left the community in mid-february 2018.

Anyway it doesn't matter... does it?
#74082 by mt10kardans Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:00 pm
GuestNINJAS wrote:Adding to the topic : I got over 20 screenshots of snowflake(Swole/Tyrael) swearing at me for no valuable reason via PM.

Yes he gets very nervous when he cant beat someone

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