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#38307 by TheDupieMC Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:51 pm
Woah... a topic from 2012...

Dupie is my name
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#38311 by Nightsky Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:48 pm
Jonboy, you win the reward of the biggest necrobumb in the entire AF universe!

#38325 by 0_0 Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:28 pm
God I was like 10 when I wrote this I'm so embarrassed

#70195 by Billybin Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:58 pm
Name: RickRoll
What it does: RickRoll's AOE
Where would you find it: location in desc.
Upgrades 1-6: lvl 1: RickRoll does 20% energy and kineticDMG
lvl 2: RickRoll now applies a faint Rick Astley to distract enemy players.. does 10% more energy and kinetic DMG
lvl 3: RickRoll is now so strong it applies the energy DOT debuff: RickRoll'ed
lvl 4: RickRoll now applies a quite clear Rick Astley to the enemy player's screen to distract enemy players.. applies debuff -30% shield
lvl 5: RickRoll now hacks itself into enemy ships! AstroFlux will play "Never Gonna Give You Up" to distract enemy players over and over and hacks into enemy radioes.. RickRoll bypassess shield since it goes straight to the enemies ears
lvl 6: "Never Gonna Give You Up" will now play across the entire solar system once used. -20% energy consumption -20% cooldown
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DESC: find it here
I kinda got really bored..
Tho imagine the abuse and controversy if this was added XD
#70479 by TheNeglected Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:35 pm
Name: Souls of the innocent
How to get: Kill 500 players under lvl100
Upgrades: In total increases RoF by 100%,dmg by 215%,range by 40%
Description: A high dmg corrosive weapon that shoots souls. It shoots many souls repudiately that come back to the player.
High power usage.
Mid range.
Drains enemy HP by 1%

I've been loving like I've been neglected...

PvP teached by DeniToSaMa

Everything else teached by TheSpark
#76119 by redjay702 Wed May 23, 2018 12:03 am
NAME: Electro Bomb

WHAT IT DOES: Drops glowing bombs that explode (like Electro Field)

WHERE TO FIND IT: Land on EVERY planet once in under an hour and a secret enemy (that only you can see) will spawn in hyperion orbiting the cords 7777, 7777 (can be PvP or PvP and it instant spawns when you enter) that has a 100% chance of drop (will only spawn once and wep is transferable)

UPGRADES: Level 0: 10s timer, 20s reload, lowers energy resist by 10%
Level 1: Bomb now explodes after 8.5s, now lowers energy resist by
15%, dmg is increased by 50%
Level 2: Bomb now explodes after 7s, reduces reload time by 5s,
bombs now lower energy resist by 20%, dmg is incresed by
Level 3: Bombs now explode after 5s, can now place 2 bombs at a time,
reduces reload time by 5s, bombs now lower energy resist by
35%, bombs dmg is increased by 150%
Level 4: Bombs now explode after 4s, reduces timer by 5s, bombs now
lower energy resist by 65%, bombs dmg is increased by 100%
Level 5: Bombs now explode after 3s, can now place 3 bombs at a time,
bombs now lower energy resistance by 100%, bombs dmg is
increased by 50%

Hope ya like!! :lol: :D

T̷o ́i̕n̶v͟o҉k̸è t̸hę hiv̸ę-̶m̨in̛d repŕes̸en͢tin̸g ch̵ào͞s͝.
͞I҉nv͢o͘k̨i̢ng ̢t̨h̴e f͝eeĺi͘ng͝ of͏ ̸c͡hao̕s.
W̨įt̴ḩ ̢o̧u̕t̕ ͢order̷.
T͜h͝e N͢ez̴pe͝r͜d́i͡a̛n̡ ḩi̢ve͜-mi͡nd ̴of̵ ćh̵a̸o̡s҉. Za̶lgò.͜
H͠é w҉ho̷ W̵aits̸ Behind̴ T͡he W̧al͘l͘.̧

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