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#21524 by 0_0 Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:35 pm
Nice and simple, player profiles! Hello human! Your in luck! We have an article just for you! Just listen to this narrartion music and lets get started!

Yes profiles! Almost every MMOG I see has a place to click somewhere around the player or player's name in a list to open up a profile showing their staticstics and other useful stuff, so LETS DO IT IN ASTROFLUX!

Well Admins, you say it is too hard to make a format? Well how about we use your profile that you get by clicking on X to public! (Unless you deny permission which is an option).

Good question inaudible confused person!

The answer is simple! Go to the player list in the system, look under the Add Friend tab, and press Profile! Amazing!

What does this amazing feature have? Well inaudible confused person, we are not *******'s here, so all we have is the box with your name in it, the weapon set, and your crew! Everything else can be added manually through settings, in case you do not want people seeing how much you have been lying about your artifacts! And you can remove any of the pre added statistics!

Now it is time for a breif intermission to RESTART YOUR MUSIC TRACK

Well very-long-named person! You can set certain statistic to:


A-Mazing! well that is Player Profiles!


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