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#21267 by 0_0 Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:46 pm
Here are a few pet ideas, these pets are miscellaneous, and a station will be put in Hozar for purchase of these pets

Cost: 30,000 steel
Shield: 3X player
Health: .25X player
Shield Regen: 2x Player
Armor: .5X player
Speed: Level 4 engine
This worm manipulates your Shield regen, and uses that number to support you. Made with real Larva, this cyborg creature is smarter than you think.

What it does?
Uses medic spray, using 40% of your shield regen as a tick for 5 seconds, and will repeat the process 5 seconds after it wears off.

Level 1: 40% turned to 50%, +20% shield regen
Level 2: 50% turned to 60%, +25% shield
Level 3: +30% speed, +50% health
Level 4: 60% turned to 70%
Level 5: +40% shield regen
Level 6: 70% turned to 80% +50% health

Cost: 25,000 5,000 Hydrogen CrystalS
Shield: x2 player
Health: x2 player
Shield regen: x.5 player
Armor: .75x player
Speed: As fast as the Renegade Tanker

This storage tanker is a form of tanker, with a almost magic sense of direction programmed into it to create a system that lets it spot out and collect scraps.

What it does?
It goes around the area around the player picking up space junk, its inventory can be accessed by either being killed, or respawning the pet gives you what is in it's inventory. Pirates can kill it and take the loot
It can hold 150 junk at level 1

Level 1: 150 junk turns to 250 junk
Level 2: +20% speed, 250 junk turns to 500 junk
Level 3: +25% health +25% shield
Level 4: +50% armor, 500 junk turns to 750 junk
Level 5: +30% speed
Level 6: +10% health +15% shield, +15% speed 750 junk turns to 1000 junk.

Those are my pet ideas :D


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