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#63210 by TacticalFedorine Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:14 pm
Here's an idea:
The neutron stream on the Neutron X seems to go really good when destroying shields, but when it comes to health, the armour will reduce the damage by a lot, so when it comes to health the Neutron X needs to use a new weapon, such as:

Neutron Beam

The Neutron Beam is really simular to the Neutron Stream, master the weapon and you can penetrate through armour, and destroy powerfull...............tanks

The Neutron Beam is an energy weapon which fires at high range, it makes less damage than the Neutron Stream though.

Stats ( for players level 1)
Damage: 300
Range: 160 pixels
Power Consumption: 10 per sec

level 1: +40%damage +10%range
level 2: +50% efficiency
level 3 +20%damage +5%range
level 4: steals 10% health of damage dealt
level 5: deals 500 energy damage per second over 5 seconds(DoT)
level 6: +100% damage +10% range

Elite Techs:
Increase up to 100% damage
Increase up to 20% range
Increase up to 100% efficiency
Increase up to 100% leech
Disable target armour up to 500 ( stats for level 0) for 10 seconds

Anyways, if the Neutron X will be too powerful with this weapon then the flux cost should be increased from 850 to 900.
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#63215 by Nightsky Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:42 pm
I see two problems here ;)

First one: 600 Base range which is even further than beamer level 6. During the upgrades you add 160% which equals 1560 pixels (which is equivalent to a level 0 aureus beam)... you add +100% Range with elite tech which equals 3120 pixels which is equivalent to aureus beam level 6 with full range elite tech. a bit long :P I would suggest one of the two changes here:
Change 1: Reduce the base range of the weapon to 160 pixels.
Change 2: Add a +5% / +10% / +20% Range on level 3, level 6 and elite tech. Also reduce the base range to 400 pixels then.

Second: 5 power per second. Since we have a base regeneration speed of 20 energy per second (i think), the total power usage would be 0 :P but since i assume you mean 5 power in general, you would be able to fire this beam for roughly 20 seconds on level 0, once you pass level 2, you can fire it for 40 seconds.

Damage seems about alright. I can't really judge the DoT i don't have stats about the general fire rate. the 50% Health/Shield leech would be a bit overpowered... with my artifacts i would be able to heal 40k health/s and my artifacts suck. You should go down to 10% which would equal 8k healing/s for me.

other than that, nice weapon concept!

#63602 by Spy-1 Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:36 pm
My 3 weapons:

Chronium Crystal Orbs and Medic C2 Controller:

Worker AF-10:
#64121 by widgetdog Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:05 pm
My idea is weapon called the "Nugnus". It would be similar to railgun but with a longer recharge time, higher power consumption, longer range, and more damage. It would fire a red railgun-style bolt that would turn orange, yellow, white, then blue as it is upgraded. If it still would require balance, you could make the shot more like a Piercing gun so it wouldn't hit things instantly. It would be obtainable somewhere very close to a star like in Krit or Sark.
#64924 by Saobie Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:09 am
Both of these are explosive weapons meant for endgame players. Both deal Kinetic damage

Hydra Warhead Launcher: HWL for short, this rocket pod fires many low-yield warheads constantly with a moderate spread. Medium range, though damage falls off the farther the warheads travel, and they travel slower as they travel farther. At max level, this weapon would launch 3 rockets every 0.33 seconds. these rockets do NOT home in, and detonate upon impact with a smallish AoE.

Damage: 4
Refire: 8
Range: 4
Power: 4

--Possible ET's--
Increase AoE
Add on slight homing
Increase range and shot speed
Decrease falloff damage


Thermal Missile: TM for short, this fires one, extremely powerful, high yield explosive. Slow missile that takes a short while to lock onto a target (like sonic missiles) before slowly closing in. Very long range. Emits a beeping and droning, which gets more intense as it closes in. Strong homing ability. AoE is very large (nuke sized, or maybe 2/3 nuke size). Deals DoT after impact to everything effected

Damage: 10
Refire: 2
Range: 10
Power: 10

--Possible ET's--
Increase speed
Increase DoT
Release mines on impact. Reduce damage
Fires off shrapnel on impact. Reduce damage
#64925 by Saobie Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:24 am
2 Energy based weapons, also for endgame :P

Agnea Zapper: Low refire weapon shoots a thin pulse of lightning. This lightning, upon hitting an enemy, splits into 6 and hits any enemy near the initial target. Upon hitting another target, will split into 3 mor shots off every other enemy hit, and hit more enemies. Each split halves the damage (at the last split, a possible 18 enemies can be hit for 1/4 the listed damage). Split only occurs if at least 1 other enemy is nearby. Can jump between targets (all splits can be focused on just two enemies, dealing massive damage to them). Stops shield regen for 1 second upon hit. VERY low refire

Damage: 8 (initial. 4 on 2nd split, 2 on 3rd)
Refire: 1
Range: 5
Power: 10

--Possible ET's--
Increase number of projectiles on 1st split by 2 (1>8>24)
Increase number of projectiles on 2nd split by 2 (1>6>30)
Reduce damage penalty per split by 15% (100%>65%>40%)
Leeches 5% of damage done to shield


Glaive Beam: Charge up weapon that deals immense damage over a short firing duration. Has 2 charge stages, indicated by a small bar under your ship. First charge stage increases damage by up to 100%. 2nd charge stage reduces damag by up to 50% and increases range by up to 100%. Fires for a total of 3 seconds, dealing its listed damage within this duration. Ship cannot turn while firing. Deals 15% DoT. Hits a maximum of 8 targets. Uses power over its duration, does not consume all required power at once. Will stop prematurely if not enough power to fire for full duration. Each charge stage takes 3 seconds

Damage: 5 (10 at 1st charge, 5 at 2nd charge)
Range: 5 (10 at 2nd charge)
Refire: 2
Power: 8

--Possible ET's--
Increase range bonus by up to 25%
Increase DoT by 25%. Deals this DoT over 15sec
Reduce charge time by up to 1.5 seconds (for both charge stages)
Reduce power cost
#65576 by DerpytheDerp Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:59 pm
Name: Pet Repair Probe
Description: Like other pets weapons, can spawn maybe max 3-4 pets to heal after elite tech. Behaves like confused repair probe but invincible like pets and follows owners around healing them
Stats: Same as Repair nanobot launcher, but with less healing
Upgrades: Similar to repair nanobot launcher and pets weapon
How to acquire: Only from confused repair probe, not any other to prevent from being too OP with 1% drop chance.

Possible ET (Maxed):
Speeds up character movement after heal
More pets
Up to 5% more resist for 3 secs
Increase Firerate up to 75%
Damage Increase on player by 40%
#66186 by TheScrub Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:25 am
The glacialis sicarius.

The GS is a bomb made of freezing cobalt, dropped out of the rear doors of your ship.

Explodes like nuke.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 8.44.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 8.44.58 PM.png (32.54 KiB) Viewed 6339 times

Actual bomb is about the size of a nexar bomb, I wanted to zoom in to show details.

Our determination is based on our will to survive.

#66590 by PlutoBut Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:46 pm
It Would spawn 2 little eagle eye beside you the shoots a pure kinetic laser that stays in place for 5 seconds then De-spawn Power consumption 50% of total power. No pic sorry :(
1. 20% more damage
2. 2 more little eagle eye 30% more damage
3. 40% more damage stay active 2 more seconds
4. 2 more little eagle eye 50% more damage.
5. 80% more damage
6. 2 more little eagle eye 100% more damage.

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#67727 by Nightsky Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:57 pm
Today a weapon idea without any graphics :o Mostly because i'm lazy to create one and secondly because i'm also quite busy.

"A Combination of high explosive bombs and a flak cannon"

The Remote Bomb Launcher is a slightly changed variant of the golden gun: Flak shell. Instead of firing a bullet with a fixed detonation time, the player can set the detonation by themselves. Hitting the fire button will fire off a medium velocity bullet that has no hitbox, so you can't really hit a player directly. Hitting the fire button a second time will detonate this projectile with a fairly large explosion. Advantages: High damage and long range based weapon. Disadvantages: Fire rate is lower on longer ranges and the weapon is slightly skill based.

Damage: 850 Kinetic, 850 Energy
Area Radius: 50 pixels (Level 0 Nova range)
Maximum fire rate: 1.0
Maximum range: 2000 Pixels
Projectile Speed: 800 pixels/s
Power Usage: 20

Level 1: +28% Damage
Level 2: +30% Damage, +10% Range
Level 3: +20% explosion radius, +25% Range, +35% Damage
Level 4: +40% Damage
Level 5: +20% Range, +45% Damage
Level 6: +65% Damage, +20% explosion radius, +30% Range

Elite Tech:
+30% Damage
+100% kinetic DoT over 10 seconds
+150% Kinetic DoT over 20 seconds
+25% explosion radius
+25% Range
+50% Power usage, +50% Damage (tradeoff tech)

I hope you like this idea :)

#68139 by The Real 12644669 Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:00 pm
New idea for elite tech for corrosive weapons. Call it infection.
Any other enemy that comes close to the one that has been hit also sustain damage because it has been infected. This can keep going on as a chain. I guess ass you upgrade the et you could improve the radius required to get infected on how long the infection can stay on an enemy.

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