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#70183 by TacticalFedorine Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:03 pm
Black Moth Hatchery

"Instead of moths! Shorter life but more damage!

The Black Moth Hatchery is similar to the Locust Hatchery but instead of locusts, it throws three black moths per shot at the enemy.

How to obtain: 0.5% chance to be dropped by a black moth

Black Moths per shot: 3
Rate Of Fire: 1 shot per 2 sec
Black Moth health: 1000
Black Moth Speed: 40 pixels per sec
Black Moth Damage: 2500
Power Consumption: 40


Level 1 : + 500 damage + 10 pixel speed
Level 2 : + 1000 damage + 250 health
Level 3 : + 20 pixel speed + 750 health
Level 4 : + 1 black moth + 1000 damage
Level 5 : + 2000 health Power Consumption decreased to 30
Level 6 : + 1 black moth Rate Of Fire increased to 1 shot per 1 second

Elite Techs:
- More Damage: +1% more damage per upgrade
- More Health: +1% more health per upgrade
- More Speed: +2% more speed per upgrade
- Faster Rate Of Fire: Rate Of Fire increases by 0.1 sec per upgrade Maximum: 0.5 seconds
- Less Power Consumption: Power Consumption decreases by 1 per upgrade Maximum: 20
- More Black Moths ( costs much more resources than the others ): + 1 more black moth per upgrade Maximum: 8
#72197 by SpaceSquid Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:33 pm
AnthonyC118 wrote:Withdrawal lightning builds up on the target and does a huge amount of damage in one go when the lightning stops.

How fast after the weapon stops will the damage be done? Will it all be in one huge hit?

Because this would be awfully easy to counter with your Harden Shield. Anyway aren't you looking at a laggy Corrosive Lightning? :P
#72198 by SpaceSquid Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:35 pm
Nightsky wrote:You are right with that, but didnt you think, that the most weapon Ideas on this forum are out of another game? :p

Its not Directly Copying, its just, everyone has his suggestions from Somewhere, maybe he Use the Graphics too... i dont know... To make my own graphics is not that Difficult, but when i make my Own graphics, the game will lagg (lol)

The problem is, we have much weapons (we know), but we dont have all weapon types.. a beam with AoE, a Big projectile which Damage all enemys which are in its near etc... From somewhere they everytime :p

Beam with AoE Plankton Siphon Gland.
The other is Nexar Bombs, Shadow Bombs, Nuke Launcher, Horror Nuke, etc. :P
#74714 by Nightsky Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:57 pm
PR-Trippe Smart-Gun
"A proton smart gun. Bullets split into three after a short time dealing massive total damage."

Accurate Statistics:
Damage: 380 (Kinetic + Energy)
Split-projectile damage: 250 (Kinetic + Energy)
Fire rate: 2.2 rounds per second
Range: 640 Pixels
Projectile speed: 1000 pixels/s
Power usage/s: 10
Auto Aim: 45 Degrees

Level 1: +28% Damage, -5% Power usage
Level 2: +10% Rate of Fire, +5% Range
Level 3: +32% Damage, +10% Rate of fire, +10% projectile speed
Level 4: +10% Range, -10% Power usage
Level 5: +38% Damage, +12% Rate of fiire, +10% Projectile speed
Level 6: +72% Damage, -10% Power usage, +15% Fire rate, +15% Range

Up to +50% Damage
Up to +250% Energy damage over 5 seconds
Up to +30% Range
Up to +5% Armor debuff over 10 seconds
Up to 8 second shield regen debuff
Up to 8 second health regen debuff
Up to 30% Rate of fire

#76030 by Zachary2023154 Sat May 05, 2018 11:28 am
Force Cannon
"A force blaster. Blast waves knock back all enemies caught in the waves, less on players, minibosses and bosses , incrementally less far on each respectively. Also affects projectiles such as nukes, missiles and mines."

Accurate Statistics:
Damage: 0 (Kinetic + Energy)
Fire rate: 0.7 rounds per second
Range: 2500 Pixels
Projectile speed: 500 pixels/s
Power usage/s: 120

Level 1: +28% Range, +10% Projectile Speed
Level 2: +10% Rate of Fire, +10% Range
Level 3: +32% Range, +10% Rate of Fire, +10% Projectile speed
Level 4: +20% Projectile Speed
Level 5: +38% Range, +12% Rate of Fire, +10% Projectile speed
Level 6: +50% Projectile Speed, -10% Power usage, +20% Rate of Fire, +30% Range

Up to +50% Projectile Speed
Adds 10,000 Energy Damage over 5 seconds
Up to +30% Range
Adds +30% Armor debuff over 10 seconds
Up to 8 second shield regen debuff
Up to 8 second health regen debuff
Up to 30% Rate of fire
#76082 by Zachary2023154 Tue May 15, 2018 4:38 pm
Weapon Name: Obliterator
Description: A high powered beam similar to the Aureus Beam that deals exponentially more damage every second.
-Stats: Damage at level 6 is 6 to the power of number of seconds fired. Aureus Beam range or so. Locks on.
-Power rate at level 6 is 25 power per second.
upgrades (if you want, but would be better) Only 1 ET that I can think of: at level 100 +1 damage to base. (So 7 to the power of seconds, with a max damage of 117,649 damage per hit at max charge-up)
-A 0.1% drop from Aureus Judicator.
-Instead of showing a dps, a max possible damage is shown that can be modified by arts.

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