Suggestions for features or improvements
#13579 by DaGGerz Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:58 am
The general rules for posting a suggestion are simple and easy to follow. Be sure to read through this first before posting a suggestion otherwise it could be locked.

1. Be sure to search first to see if your idea has already been suggested. If so, a bump on that thread or an additional comment is what is appropriate.

2. Make sure your idea isn't an 'end all thing' where there is a scenario with an over powered ship or weapon. No one likes that and it just clutters the forum.

3. Try to make your suggestion legible, that is easy to understand (english please! - If you can't speak good english, pm the mods on any clarification.).

4. Remember that your idea will not be implemented into the game right away if at all. A great idea in your eyes could be a terrible idea to others, don't force it onto anyone.

5. Don't react badly to any negative comments about your idea. Everyone has an opinion and is free to express it.

6. Don't post childish ideas as these will never be added into the game and just clutter the forums.


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