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#76643 by Malfunction Junction Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:34 pm
You rarely see anyone roll around in it. I suggest giving it a Shotgun with decent range about the same as what Vindicator's blaster is, and upgrading fighters' blaster with longer range just to give it somewhat of a buff.

Light Shotgun
Spread out pattern like Light Wave Generator, But it's a tighter Spread and can only get smaller every upgrade. Starting amount of projectiles would be at 10, and the damage would be low, this can be increased by 5 on the last upgrade and an ET could give it 5 more for 20 projectiles in one Volley. Must be charged, cannot be dropped, but replicated.
Starting stats:
10 Projectiles
100 Damage per projectile at Lv0
Short range, i'd need calculations for this.
Spread would be about two thirds of the maximum projectiles LWG would have if LWG used Extra Projectiles ET

Lv1: Increase damage by 20%, Increase range by 20%
Lv2: Reduced spread by 10%, increase damage by 25%, increase projectile radius by 10%
Lv3:Increased range by 20%, increased damage by 15%, added 2 more projectiles
Lv4: Reduced spread by 20%, Increased projectile radius by 10%, increased damage by 20%
Lv5: increased damage by 20%, increased range by 20%
Lv6: Increased damage by 65%, Increased range by 20%, Reduced spread by 10%, increased projectile radius by 15%, added 3 more projectiles

Corrosive burn lv100 500% in 10 seconds
Energy burn lv100 500% in 10 seconds
Extra projectiles lv100 5 more projectiles
Increased range lv100 50%
Increased damage lv100 50%
Faster charge lv100 50% (It's around 2-3 second charge maybe..? this will cut that down by a quarter, i need calculations)

this was just a random suggestion I had, that ship is really underdeveloped, and so are the enemy counterparts.

My account name is God, contact me via the game if you need to for some reason.

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