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#75291 by I_Am_Jarvis Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:09 am
Here's a thought... I know it probably might not get implemented, what with the devs not really doing anything anymore as far as I'm aware, but I feel like it's worth posting anyways.

I feel that stored cargo should be limited to the ship you pick it up with, switching to a different cargo hold when you switch to a new ship.This does seem a bit cheaply exploitable, but I've already thought of limitations to make this much more fair.

For one, cargo upgrades should not transfer to the other ships, meaning cargo holds have to be upgraded between each individual ship you have. They should also be nerfed to hold LESS, with this being in effect as well as upgrades being made more expensive.

For the other, cargo would no longer be allowed to be ejected in Safe Zones, so you can't just farm it all up and store it in a non-upgraded ship waiting in a safe zone, there always has to be some chance that someone else could snag it as to deter such a cheesy tactic from happening (same goes for entering/leaving planets/ unshielded structures, just to cover all the bases).

OK, for the downsides to this, it does mean a lot more hassle in farming and this COULD also ENCOURAGE loot stealing by people camping in safe zones and such. It also means veteran players have to deal with having to adjust accordingly for this to not go horribly wrong for them. This COULD also be taken further by making this also the case for artifact setups, in terms of artifact usage.

The UPSIDES, however, are more beneficial to the game, as this means more focus is put into buying ships, which means more flux spending, which ultimately means more revenue for the game, if the devs were to pick things back up. Also, this means more diversity as ships would be preferred for certain purposes such as one ship dedicated to PvP, another for PvE, and maybe one more as a high-risk cargo carrier... assuming people were to find a workaround for that... ALSO meaning that resources would have to be split between ships, also very possibly leading to more spending to accommodate for it.

Whatever the case, any thoughts on this such as changes that could be made or whether or not this is a good/bad idea would be greatly appreciated (the good/bad idea bit, preferably if provided with an explanation, mind you...)

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#75375 by McPwny Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:37 am
yes i always thought allowing seperate cargo for each ship would reduce the alts. and with supporter it sucks to recycle or drop quest items and such, but you acumulate several hundred "hydrogen ocsilators" being able to recycle NOT ALL of them at once would be a nice feature aswell.


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