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#74845 by Nightsky Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:22 pm
So in the past two days I have been thinking about something. Many new players tend to ask around which ship is the best one to buy or save up for. And often the answer is a little out of the reach of our little fellas. While they could buy ships like the Carrier X-32 or the Police Pursuit P1 as example, this choice of ship is rather mediocre and the flux could be spent better elsewhere. With that I had the idea to develop a ship that is "fixing" a bridge between the starter ships and the mid-level ships. It is a ship that is definitely stronger than the starter ships, but weaker than most of the mid-level ships. It is free to obtain during a mission chain. And the mission chain requires a bit of farming and killing of stronger enemies, so low level players have to work a bit for it while high level players would have no problem completing it.

The mission chain can be initiated on the Arrenius Hangar and has a length of 15 parts. The recommended level is 20 - 30 as the enemies you have to face are strong enough to wipe out lower levels with no problem. The reward is XP, lots of steel and of course a new ship with a new weapon.

A Better ship - Part 1
Hangar worker: "Hey... Hey, you... Your ship sure is one of the cheaper ones, isn't it? Didn't thought you'd come this far with that piece of junk!" *He bursts out in laughter as he looks at your ship again, but quickly catches his breath again and looks at you.* "Ahem, sorry... No offense but your current ride is... outdated. It's almost painful to see you flying around with this." *He puts a finger on his chin and looks onto the ceiling. After 10 seconds he looks behind himself and smiles.* "Y'know, you might save the universe one day, so I make you a deal. Keep your flux into your pockets and save up for one of those better ships. I will build a better ride for you with my crew!" *He winks at you* "What you have to do? Gather materials, get a blueprint a few of those pirates stole, do some jobs. Whaddaya say, deal?" *As you nod in affirmation, he gives you another smirk* "Good. First we should take care of surrounding enemies. Take out a few of 'em, will ya?"

Task: Kill 100 enemies in Arrenius.
Reward: 1.250 XP

Completion message:
"Just by looking out of the window I can see that we have a clear sky now. Good job, I suppose you are finished?"

A Better ship - Part 2
Hangar Worker: "Good job at clearing the outsides, pal. Also, I forgot to introduce myself. Name's jack. I'm the prime worker on this place." *He chuckles softly and continues speaking* "Speaking of working, you need to do more! What I want you to do next is to gather the materials for the ship. I can remember that you need a lot of steel for that. SO please bring me 800 Metal scraps."

Task: Collect metal scraps: 0/800
Reward: 4.000 Steel, 2.500 XP, 2 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "Are you finished yet? Just checking on 'ya. Ahh, you are done, good job. Please come back to the hangar!"

A Better ship - Part 3
Jack wanted us to return to the hangar as fast as possible. So we should do that and not lose the metal scraps in our storage.

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: 800 XP

Completion message:
Jack: "Welcome back. Ahh, I see you brought the Metal Scraps, very good!"

A better ship - Part 4
Jack: "I hate to tell you but this is the only thing I know. We need to get the blueprints back. Those pirates stole them not so long ago, so they might still be around in this system. We should get them!" *He pulls out a pad from his pocket. This pad seems to be a navigation system. On the left side of arrenius seems to be a sun.* "Well, would you look at this. This sun never had any structures nearby, now it does. Time to pay them a visit, shall we?" *He looks at you and scratches the back of his head.* "And with we I mean you."

Task: Kill Renegade Thief 0/4
Reward: 800 Hydrogen crystals, 400 Plasma fluids and 400 Iridium. 2 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "And my navigation system tells me that those structures are gone. Good job! Come back to me and bring those blueprints!"

A better ship - Part 5
We really should get back to the hangar quickly. We don't know if they have requested reinforcements.

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: 900 XP

Completion message:
Jack: "Ahh, welcome back! And I see you brought the Blueprints. Well, time to take a look at what we need, shall we?"

A better ship - Part 6
Jack: "According to these blueprints we need various materials. Some of them are already here, but we need a few more. Let's start with the simple one: The shield core." *He points with his finger on the shield core description. He takes out a small book and opens a page with an extended description of the shield core.* "Well, it looks like we need some Fusion Cores, some Alien alloys and a few big metal scraps. Bring them to me, alright?"

Task: Collect loot
Big Metal scrap: 0/50
Fusion Cores: 0/65
Alien alloys: 0/50

Reward: 3.200 XP, 5.000 Steel, 1 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "Well done. The next thing we need is the Engine. We require a few more resources for that one. Please make sure to grab them for me as well and I will give you the last required parts shortly after you collected them."

A better ship - Part 7
Jack: "Well, now we need Alien alloys, Engine parts and Radiated junk. All of these components should be enough to create a good working engine. After you got those I will give you the last parts required for the power core."

Task: Collect loot
Alien Alloy: 0/40
Engine parts: 0/60
Radiated junk: 0/75

Reward: 3.800 XP, 6.000 Steel, 2 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "You got the parts? very good. I'm impressed. Well, the last thing we need are the parts for an enhanced power core. Unfortunately those require a lot more parts than the previous ones. So I hope you have time."

A better ship - Part 8
Jack: "Alright, the last part we need resources for is the enhanced power core. I have never seen this model before. Nonetheless, we require a lot of core charges, big metal scraps, Alien alloys and an advanced data chip. All of them at a decent amount. Well, good luck!"

Task: Collect loot
Core charge: 0/110
Big metal scrap: 0/80
Alien alloy: 0/100
Advanced data chip: 0/1

Reward: 4.000 XP, 8.000 Steel, 500 Iridium, Hydrogen crystals and Plasma fluids, 3 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "I'm just going to check on you. Did you get all the parts? You did? Beautiful, return them to me so I can start working on the ship. My crew and I should have the ship build in no time."

A better ship - Part 9
Jack wants us to return all of these parts to him. We better do that quickly, we really could need a better ship.

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: 1.000 XP

Completion message:
Jack: "Good that you are back, our crew is already here and ready to build this ship. It's a newer model but it was never produced and it was quickly replaced by a few better ships that required less resources. So because of that this one is free for you. Well, crew. Let's get working! In the meantime you can entertain yourself."

A better ship - Part 10
Well, we should wait then...

Task: Wait 1:00:00
Reward: 1.000 XP, 2 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "Good news, your ship is ready to fly. However, it doesn't have a weapon. It can fly without but better having a defense, right?"

A better ship - Part 11
Jack: "Return to me for now. I see this ship can wield a special type of blaster weapon. It looks like a heavy blaster. Now this is interesting. For now you can give it a test flight, I have preinstalled a Nova for you, it was laying around anyways so it could help killing a few enemies with it."

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: Ship - Battlepod, 5 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "What do you say, do you like it? It isn't the best ship and I will still give you the advice to buy a better ship in the future. For now you have a good ride. However, this ship is not done yet."

A better ship - Part 12
Jack: "I have good news and bad news for you. The good news I was able to upgrade the nova weapon to level 3, so killing enemies will be a bit easier. The bad news? The other weapon has a separate blueprint also stolen by the pirates." *He sighs out* "So we have to kill those pirates again and land on their station."

Task: Land on the Renegade research facility
Reward: 5.000 XP, 10.000 Steel, 6 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "I can see you got the blueprint for the weapon. Return it to me so I can give you the last needed resources."

A better ship - Part 13
Let's return this blueprint to Jack and get ready to collect more resources.

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: 1.200 XP

Completion message:
Jack: "Good, good! Give me the blueprints... Let's see..."

A better ship - Part 14
Jack: "Alright. This is your final task. According to the blueprint we need a few more things now. We would need some Big metal scraps, a few core charges, a few fusion cores as well as a few alien alloys and a good amount of radiated junk. I think you can obtain all of those, right?"

Task: Collect resources
Core charge: 0/90
Big metal scrap: 0/110
Fusion Core: 0/90
Radiated junk: 0/130

Reward: 7.500 Steel, 4.000 XP, 5 Flux

Completion message:
Jack: "Well look at this. You got all of the resources. Now get back to me and we can finally install that weapon. And with that your ship would be finished."

A better ship - Part 15
Let's return to the hangar and finally obtain our deserved ship.

Task: Land on the Hangar in Arrenius
Reward: Battle Blaster (For Battlepod), 15 Flux, 10.000 Steel

Completion message:
Jack: "Good. Now let's assemble it." *A few minutes later* "Aaaaand done. Perfect, fits like it was just made for it... I mean, it was. Anyways, here is your ship. Good luck on your future adventure, and come back any time to get a new ship!

Now to the ship. As I mentioned earlier, this ship is not super good, but it's not super bad either. And for a free ship it serves quite a purpose. The purpose of this ship is to give new players a better ship without having to spend flux on it. So this ship is the perfect gateway to become stronger for those who want to save up for a better ship such as Skeletor, Eagle eye or Prophecy. Now, those are this ship's stats:

"A self-crafted ship that will help a growing pilot on his future mission."

(It has a level 1 Power and a level 3 Energy Nova preinstalled. I forgot to note that on this picture.)

Weapons (After completing the mission): Battle Blaster
A modified blaster. It wields a higher damage at the cost of range and an additional damage type and a few changes on the upgrades. The DPS is around 15% higher if my calculations are correct. The normal blaster did on my non-upgraded ship 25600 DPS, this weapon would deal 28900 DPS. Like the regular blaster this weapon is very power efficient. Also, this is the projectile:

Damage: 112
Fire rate: 5.0
Range: 265 pixels
Projectile speed: 200 pixels/s
Power usage: 5/s (with max power upgrade)
Difficulty: easy to use

1: Increase the Damage by 20%, Increase the Fire rate by 20%
2: Increase the bullet speed by 15%, increase the damage by 32%
3: Increase the fire rate by 25%, increase the damage by 35%, decrease the power cost by 10%
4: Increase the bullet speed by 15%, increase the range by 20%
5: Increase the damage by 40%, increase the fire rate by 20%
6: Increase the damage by 64%, increase the range by 20%, decrease the power cost by 15%

Elite Tech:
Up to +50% Direct damage
Up to +30% Fire rate
Up to +25% Range
Up to +10% Armor debuff of damage done over 10 seconds
Up to +100% Kinetic burn over 10 seconds.
Up to 10% of damage done on health/shield is healed.


Well, this is my idea, I hope you like it (specifically the lower levels)

#74857 by traf Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:57 am
Wow, this is excellent. I’d love to see this in game!

The dialogue is really good too! It has a few grammatical issues, but those can easily be fixed. Assuming the devs make this ._.

Please feel free to private message me!

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#74861 by Nightsky Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:46 am
*Facepalm* - I read through it again and I completely forgot to mention the enemie's stats. Well, let me fix it now.

Renegade thief lvl. 24
Uses the battlepod ship

Health: 3.800
Shield: 2.800
Armor: 40
Shield regen: 65

Kinetic resistance: 20%
Energy resistance: 15%
Corrosive resistance: 20%

Battle blaster has a medium range and a DPS of 1.250 (kin + enrg)
Energy nova blocks missiles.

Has a 0.5% chance to drop battle blaster.

That should be all I think. Also, I'm glad you like it, traf. :)

#74895 by GuestNINJAS Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:15 pm

A very good mission that could be useful for future free players!

If the DEVS EVER ADD THIS, of course.


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#76117 by redjay702 Tue May 22, 2018 10:59 pm
Wow you MUST tell me how you made that ship design!!! One awesome ship!! 2 Awesome wep and 3 just pure AWESOME!

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͞I҉nv͢o͘k̨i̢ng ̢t̨h̴e f͝eeĺi͘ng͝ of͏ ̸c͡hao̕s.
W̨įt̴ḩ ̢o̧u̕t̕ ͢order̷.
T͜h͝e N͢ez̴pe͝r͜d́i͡a̛n̡ ḩi̢ve͜-mi͡nd ̴of̵ ćh̵a̸o̡s҉. Za̶lgò.͜
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#76129 by I_Am_Jarvis Thu May 24, 2018 10:41 pm

Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
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Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
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