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#74805 by Nightsky Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:43 pm

A new Christmas ship idea. I thought about having a frost-themed ship that has some unique stats and a unique weapon along with it. The weapon is transferable and can be used on any ship. It's a medium DPS low power use kinetic weapon, good for several scenarios in this game. Well, onward with the stats of this ship.

The stats:
It has a good base health and a good base armor but horrible shield capacity and regeneration. It is a health based ship that has the capability of being converted into a shield based ship. However, it won't benefit as much from the specials, as one special stat will give this ship a health regeneration.

Health: 7
Armor: 6
Shield: 1
Sh. R.: 1

It comes with a level 2 Hull and a level 1 Power as preinstalled upgrades.

The Specials:
+ 20% Kinetic damage
+ 15% Power Capacity
+0.5% Health regen/s

The weapon: Blizzard Cannon
The blizzard cannon is a high rate of fire weapon with medium range and a medium DPS, similar to the Gatling gun. Additionally this weapon's projectiles can penetrate, good for taking out crowds of enemies. Overall a good amount of damage that can be dealt. Compared to the Gatling gun, this weapon has a higher spread and a shorter range.

Damage: 38 (Kinetic)
Fire rate: 32.0
Range: 250 pixels
Proj. Speed: 250 pixels/s
Power use: 4/s (with maxed out power)
Difficulty: Medium

- Piercing shots!

Level 1: +24% Damage
Level 2: +10% Range, +18% rate of fire
Level 3: +35% Damage, +10% Projectile speed
Level 4: +22% Rate of fire, +38% Damage
Level 5: +15% Range, +10% Projectile speed
Level 6: +64% Damage, +30% Rate of Fire, -15% Power use

Elite Tech:
Up to +50% Direct damage.
Up to +35% Rate of Fire.
Up to +40% Increased Range.
Up to +25% Projectile speed.
Up to +10% Stacking Kinetic DoT over 4 seconds.

(Could look like this... or so.)


I hope you like this idea :)

#74806 by hugojmaia Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:50 pm
Pretty nice, the only thing I'm not a fan of is the stacking dot ET. Even though it'll be the only one of its kind if it gets implemented.
#74813 by declan_winter Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:17 pm
Also unsure about the stacking D.O.T. elite tech... but I love it otherwise! Maybe make the weapon have a higher spread/lower range? Like Acid Spray with range elite tech spread, but with fast projectiles, so it goes in front of your ship?

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