Suggestions for features or improvements
#74699 by Nightsky Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:27 pm
Suggestion 1 – Able to sort artifacts by frequency and last used
A Thing that I want to see is that you can sort artifacts by how much you used them overall and by which ones you used last/recently.

Why? It would make finding specific artifacts much easier instead of always trying to find them within a cluster of other artifacts. An average level 120 player usually possesses around 5 artifacts of each type. That sums up to quite a lot.

Suggestion 2 – Real-time Planet wars updating
Sometimes it can be annoying to see green planets which are captured already right in the moment you entered the system. Sometimes it becomes difficult to see which planets are free if they get green only if you refresh the map. Make it realtime so it can be less annoying.

Why? Real time updating would give us a better overview on which planets are actually free and which aren't.

Suggestion 3 – Ability to max out an upgrade to level 6 without having to upgrade it 6 times.

I guess the title says it already. We really need the ability to max out a weapon or an ability to level 6 (or any level) in one go rather than doing it over and over and over again.

Why? It would make upgrading a fully reset ship faster and less annoying. We have this ability for Elite tech, why not regular updates as well?

Suggestion 4 – Give players an ingame profile
Not really a „Quality of Life“ kind of idea, but moreso for the convinience of players who are curious what the artifacts, stats and upgrades of another player are. Right now counting up ships would take me 3 messages. Showing my best artifacts would also take quite a bit. Why not give us an optional player profile we can set on public/private with all the stats we have?

Why? Because convinience.

Suggestion 5 – Fix the weapon-reset bug when collecting a new weapon.
Very annoying, can sometimes cost you a kill or even a death. Collecting a new weapon resets weapons and disables artifacts which affect damage/fire rate. This is very annoying, especially if you farm for specific weapons.

Why? Because bug, and obvious.

Suggestion 6 – Being able to stop artifact upgrades
Unless this is already a hidden feature it would be great if we could cancel artifact upgrades. It happened 4 times to me already that I accidently selected the wrong artifact and had to wait for a long time to start the actual one.

Why? It would make upgrading less frustrating in case you started the wrong upgrade.

Suggestion 7 – Artifact recycling "select max" prefering unrevealed artifacts
Not too rarely I pick up a lot of artifacts in lower level systems. No doubt that they suck for my level. Why not giving us the ability to immediately select them all and recycle them? It would save time. A lot of it.

Why? Convinience, also time.

Suggestion 8 – Ability to sort weapons
Short: I want an option that allows us to sort weapons. If you have like 40 weapons on a ship and you have to find 5 ones inbetween it can be annoying. It would be great if you could sort weapons by frequency or even better: Being able to drag-and-drop them to the place you want them to be.

Why? Because that would make upgrading and finding weapons much easier.

Suggestion 9 – Resource vault
So sometimes we have resources we want to keep. But we have no vault to stash them in. We already have a working alternative > Alternative accounts. If we already have an allowed work-around, why not make it an official feature of the game? It's not happening too rarely that I „accidently“ collected 20 advanced chips but I can't stash them anywhere except my alt.

Why? It would make things easier. Since there is a legit work around anyways.

Suggestion 10 – Rework the tutorial

Let's be honest here, Astroflux's tutorial is hardly a tutorial. It shows you the controls and from there on see what you do with yourself. Rework it! Separate maps for introduction, show them the game and how it works. Give people the choice to set their controls (Mouse or keyboard)

Why? More potential staying players!

Regards ~ Nightsky

#74705 by hugojmaia Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:12 pm
Nice, those are all needed. Though I've managed to get around the need for 7 for quite a while now. Artifacts you have equipped and artifacts with at least one upgrade will never be selected by the "select max" when recycling arts.
It requires some extra patience to stop upgrading the stuff you want in order to protect something that might come in handy later, but it's been worth it for me since I've started doing it.

#74724 by declan_winter Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:01 am

Show respect even to people who don't deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but a reflection of yours :)

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