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[SHIP] Heraldic Device

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:01 pm
by declan_winter
Long ago, the Guardians of Old decided they needed a new fleet to combat menaces, both timeless leviathans and shadowy newcomers. This ship, designed and altered by the clan, has the capability to charge in, taking fire for teammates, while healing a close-knit team.

By SpecialK

Description: The Heraldic Device is a throwback to the entirely fictional age of chivalry on Old Erath. Some say that once men used beasts instead of machines to travel from place to place, and put the concerns of local lords, and 'nation' (a regional political entity) ahead of those of the human race. That military strength was centered in the training and equipping of 'knights', who lived by an honorable, warrior code. Of course, these are just stories. Some lunatic, however, has designed a ship based around the fanciful symbology, or 'heraldry' of these old stories. Who knows why....

That said, test pilots of the new ship design do relate a feeling of security and confidence in their flying, beyond just that of the strength of the hull, and minimal shielding. Probably just a psychological reaction to the bright colours.



The Heraldic Device is about the size of the Scartrow, more a heavy fighter than a warship. It costs 2500 flux.

Ship Stats:
Health: 7
Armor: 10
Shield: 3
Shield Regen: 5

Ship Bonus:
+600 Kinetic Damage
+25% Attack Speed
-5% Cooldown

Installed Upgrades:
Armor Lvl 5
Shield Lvl 1
Power Lvl 1
Engine Lvl 1

Gatling Gun

Mystic Deflection: According to the designer, this dubious piece of kit that's been patched into the ship's hardened shield circuits should supercharge the shields to the point where they absorb all incoming energy pulses and projectiles. He's not so sure about anything corrosive, however. Naturally, we don't believe a word of it as there's no explanation for why a sword with a couple of wires attached would have this effect. We tested it, but even routing all the ship's power through it had no discernible effect.

This weapon triggers a hardened shield (same duration as regular hardened shield, so affected by Elite Tech) which absorbs (like the aureus-orb mechanic) any energy weapon hits or kinetic weapon hits for the duration. The cooldown is 3x hardened shield. Power use is very high (140).

Level 1: -10 Power Use, 1% absorption
Level 2: -10 Power Use, 20% absorption
Level 3: -10% Cooldown Rate, 30% absorption
Level 4: -20 Power Use, 40% absorption
Level 5: -20 Power Use, 50% absorption
Level 6: -20 Power Use, -10% Cooldown Rate

Elite Techs:
Increases absorption by 50%
Reduces power use by 20%
Decreases cooldown by 10%

Armor of Faith: Blah de blah de blah. Yeah, he went and did the same thing with some round painted piece of wood into the repair circuits...

This weapon triggers a repair ('f') which multiplies armor by 8 and applies a heal regen dot of 1/4 of the healed amount every second for 4s. The cooldown is 5x base repair, but this is not affected by any armor Elite Tech, only -cooldown %. Power use 140. Non-stacking effect.

Level 1: -10 Power Use
Level 2: -20 Power Use
Level 3: -10% Cooldown Rate
Level 4: -30 Power Use
Level 5: -30 Power Use
Level 6: -50 Power Use, -10% Cooldown Rate

Elite Techs:
Healing applies to everyone within a small radius of the ship (roughly the size of Electro Field at level 100)
Results in invulnerability to armor de-buff for 8 seconds
Decreases power use by 80%

We also found a charred hoof in the engine room. Looks like something went wrong back there...


This project was the culmination of an event held at the Old Guard HQ on November 26, 2016. Many members of the clan participated, and those who didn't, voted upon various aspects. Our goal was to create a flagship for the clan, and many, many epic designs were created, some of which I may post on other threads. Many thanks to SpecialK for making the base design and entertaining text portions for this ship. SpecialK no longer plays, but he left a worthy legacy.

Re: [SHIP] Heraldic Device

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:41 pm
by TBNRKekOnDeck
Nice ship