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#74321 by Nightsky Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:31 pm
Flux cost: 3.200

"The serenity is an attacker ship that sacrifices mobility and firepower for crowd control and damaging multiple enemies."
Base stats:
Health: 900
Shield: 650
Armor: 20
Shield Regen: 45

+ 50% Power
+ 15% Power regen
+ 50% Kinetic damage
- 10% Cooldown

Pre-installed upgrades:
Level 4 Hull
Level 2 Shields


Kinetic blossom
Kinetic Flak bomb
Decoy Beacon

Kinetic blossom:
The Kinetic blossom fires a mine-like structure. It takes 1 second until it activates and is then active for 4 seconds (base time). During it's active stage it will spread out bullets in a circular pattern to damage nearby enemies. It has a good DPS and good capabilities to deal a lot of damage against crowds of enemies. The mine "spins" so it really has a full circular coverage. It synergizes well with the Decoy Beacon.
Damage: 250 Kinetic * 3
Deployment rate: 0.2
Fire rate: 24.0 (8 shots per second)
Launch range: 450 pixels (similar to nuke)
Bullet radius: 300 pixels
Power usage: 50

Upgrades (total):
+126% damage
+20% Radius
+25% fire rate
-10% power use

Kinetic flak bomb:
A similar weapon to the Moth Zero gland, this weapon fires a slower moving projectile with a proximity trigger. Unlike it's counterpart though it deals pure kinetic damage. And it doesn't debuff shield regen but is purely based on direct damage. it is also good against crowds of enemies and also this one synergizes well with the Decoy Beacon.
Damage: 950
Fire rate: 0.75
Projectile speed: 500 px/s
Range: 1000 pixels
Explosion radius: 150 pixel
Power usage: 40/shot

Upgrades (total):
+185% Damage
+15% Range
+10% Rate of Fire
+25% explosion radius

Decoy Beacon:
This is a pet. This pet isn't there to deal damage, but tank enemie's fire, reduce their kinetic resistance and draw their attention. Equipped with a nova weapon for debuffing and drawing attention, it will have 200% of the player's health, shield, armor and shield regen. It doesn't move and will remain in it's position when it was deployed.
Deployment rate: 0.2
Nova range: 500 pixels
Debuff strength: 15%
Player stats copied: 200%

Upgrades (total:
+100% health and shield total added
+50% nova range
+20% kinetic debuff


I hope you like the idea.

Regards ~ Nightsky


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