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-=Sundown Chain Mission=-

Start: Hyperion Hangar:

Sundown part 1:

Captain, we have heard reports of the Hyperion sun losing power by the second! I think the citezins of Endarion are playing a part, please go their immediantly!

Mission: Go to Centurion

Sundown part 2:

We have gotten communications with the leader of Endarion, they were trying to power their planet using the sun, but Mandrom and his minions came down and took our technology, hid it with invisibility, and started abusing the suns power! We had a weapon for neutralizing the invisibility, but it is lost in Kapello, The people of Rocky will know where.'

Mission: Go to rocky

Sundown part 3:

Mandrom surely planned good, he destroyed our Cooridnates Tracker, we can only fix this with raw materials. Bring us 25 scrap 10 hydrogen spill, and an alloy to fix this!

Mission: Bring us 25 scrap 10 hydrogen spill, and an alloy and go back to rocky

Sundown part 4:

Yes, our machine is working, it says align with Mari's sun, and go 100 coordinates left, you should find a gaurded storage

Mission: Go to the Location in Kapello and get the weapon called a De-invisiliser

Sundown part 5:

We have found the weapon, now we must spray it around Hyperions sun and find the spawner, then prepare for a fight!

Mission: Destroy the energy stealing spawner

Sundown part 6:

We have destroyed it, we should return the weapon to Centurion

Mission: Go back to Centurion


-=NOTES (important)=-

*Weapon does VERY low damage and is only useful for finding the spawner which is only findable with the weapon
* You will loose the weapon when you go back to Centurion, and only then do you get the good XP for mission
* Maybe a few custom enemies, i was thinking in the storyline, maybe a Zappler Launcher Hybrid for the final fight, maybe make it harder than usual?

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Player vs player missions
like control a terrority or capture the flag type
this would be great for Clans for Clan wars to control a sector
maybe great missions that can only be done in pvp mode like kill a NPC in PVP mode capture an item

I think more ultizing the system that was destroyed by malstrom for this PVP clan wars
it could be an asteroid type mission something for the expert players to do to keep them busy

some easy missions non pvp like assist a NPC ship thats under attack by swarms
more planet missions maybe even hidden planets for future updates

or introduce new boss type enemies who attack planets and the mission is to defend the planet against the invading swarms
mission could be they need your help while they get planetary defenses back online etc

Cloaking Device great as a weapon offensive and defensive hide from a powerful enemy or sneak up on them
magnetic mines / Missles
Also the weapon the AP Peackeepers have we would love to see that in the game for us players

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Mission: the locust hideout

Captain, we need the rare locust hatchery! It can be found by infested fanatics and enemies on Aladvin! Pleas help find one to support our research and then land on Fexiculus

You need level 40 to unlock this
You also need to have locust hatchery
You have only 30 minutes, so it is moderately hard

1500-3000 XP
0-1 adv
0-2 med
250-500 steel
5-20 engine, core, and alloys

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Sundown Chain mission sounds great for newer players , +1
#14806 by Nightsky Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:20 pm
Enemy Safari

unlockable at level 100!!!

6 Hours of time

You have to Destroy every Singe enemy one times!!! Normal enemys, Mini bosses, Elite bosses... EVERYTHING! Except ???-Blobs^^ (idk, im not sure)

25.000 Steel
5.000 Hydrogen Crystals
2.000 Irridium
2.000 Plasma fluids
XP you dont need i think
50 Flux

#18058 by OzoneLayer321 Fri May 16, 2014 2:26 am
I am going to make a few 1 step mission chains (similar to the nezerian invasion mission to kill 3 dreadnoughts). They will be medium-very hard for the levels they are given to! :D

Hyperion Exploration
Begins when you land on the AF Research Station in Hyperion

Recently, the AF Research Station has discovered a sister star system with 2 planets in Hyperion, named Daren and Vargen. Please land on these planets. Beware that the enemies that guard these planets are hostile and difficult to destroy.

Mission: Land on Vargen and Daren, in any order, in Hyperion

5,000 steel
1,000 hydrogen crystals
3,000 XP
4 flux

Protect the Gate!
Begins when you land on the AF Security Gate in Kapello

*Player Name*, we need your help, now! A group of hostile fanatics has taken control of one of our recycle stations! Please help take it back as soon as possible!

Mission: Land on the Fanatic Outpost in Kapello

10,000 steel
4,000 hydrogen crystals
1,000 iridium
5,000 XP
6 flux

Resource Gathering
Begins when you land on the Recycle Station in Durian

Wow! Durian is a system rich in resources, and is great for gathering metal scrap and hydrogen spill! Because of this, please destroy 25 spawners. This will surely boost the galactic economy!

Mission: Destroy 25 spawners in Durian

10,000 steel
6,000 hydrogen crystals
2,000 iridium
500 plasma fluids
7,000 XP
6 flux

Venturing into the unknown
Begins at the AF Security Gate in Durian

The AF Research Station has requested a look into the black hole in Durian. No one has ever ventured into it. We have fitted your ship with a special spacetime rebounder so that you can respawn after going into the black hole. There have been reports of strange creatures surrounding it that are extremely powerful. This may or may not be true.

Mission: Fly into the Black Hole in Durian

5,000 steel
1,000 hydrogen spill
500 iridium
15,000 XP
10 flux

Destroy Organic Spawners!
Begins when you land on the warp gate in Kritillan

Look at all these bugs! Now we have found the source of the swarm in Arrenius! Please destroy 300 organic spawners. Hopefully we can reduce the swarm greatly.

Mission: Destroy 300 organic spawners (generally)

45,000 steel
10,000 hydrogen crystals
2,000 iridium
2,000 plasma fluids
20,000 XP
12 flux

Specimen Collection
Begins when you land on the Warp Gate in Mitrillion

Hello *Player Name*, we have found a very large diversity or organisms in Mitrillion that are not seen anywhere else! We want you to kill a certain number of each. A reward will be sent upon completion.

Mission: Destroy 30 black moths, 5 beetles, 5 squids, 5 dread moths, 5 algea, 1 dread queen

45,000 steel
25,000 hydrogen crystals
3,000 iridium
2,000 plasma fluids
25,000 XP
15 flux

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Here is a new mission chain that starts at Polueno.
Mission Steps :

1. The Power of Acid
Xhargreg : Incredible! I must have another sample of this! *looks up* Hello (Player’s name), what brings you here? *without even stopping* Of course! You want to hear about my new idea for a weapon, right? For years, nobody has been able to fully replicate the weapons of the Moth Queen, but now they just control the queen! I want to be the first to harness the power of the Moth Queen, and this weapon has so much corrosive power it can burn straight through your ship! The only problem is that I don’t have what I need to make it… Get me a Moth Queen Spit Gland to start. *mutters incomprehensibly*
(Mission is to kill the Moth Queen and collect a spit gland)
(Reward is 500 steel and 1000 EXP)

2. The Poison Cloud
Xhargreg : Excellent! Now I need some Macrophage poison. I also need the mine casings because every material I try is melted… Get some for me while I test this?
(Mission is to kill 32 macrophages and run into 88 macrophage mines)
(Reward is 750 Steel and 1500 EXP)

3. Accidents Happen…
Xhargreg : That moth spit was super strong! It burned through my desk… *He points toward a desk with a hole in it* I managed to get a scan of it, but my datachips are all corroded. Get me some new ones and some kind of launcher… I hear you have a railgun. Can I look at it?
(Mission is to get 8 Advanced Data Chips and land on Polueno with a railgun on one of your ships)
(Reward is 2750 steel and 3000 EXP)

4. Working for a Madman
Xhargreg : I’m almost done making the weapon, but it will take a little while. Why don’t you help me out with something I’ve been wanting for a while now. I want a weapon factory… where I can see the cute little bugs! Go scout out the area for me while I finish this. *He turns back to his blueprint*
(Mission is to go to 8 co-ordinates in Mitrilion and return to Polueno)
(Reward is the Xharg Railgun, 750 steel, 2500 EXP, 4 flux)

5 . The Final Blow
Xhargreg : I’ve done it! The Xharg Railgun is now complete! Now, to use it… *He suddenly looks sad* I wasn’t always a researcher, you know? I once lived in Azuron, before I learned about the cute little bugs… My best friends are now dead. The few left have become the Renegades, but they don’t have the firepower to destroy the Nezerians. I might have that firepower… Take this and destroy the Nezerian Mothership, the Advectorian. Avenge my friends… I will make my weapon shop soon.
(Mission is to destroy all the Advectorian segments)
(Reward is to be able to see the weapon factory, 3000 Steel, 5000 EXP, 16 flux)

Weapon link here : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2150&p=21601#p21601
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Here is a small idea, I will post some more parts and Npcs later.
The War for Revenge- Main Storyline

To get the quest : hover over the planet of the renegades above the war zone in the middle. Renegades are neutral, but will attack if you attack any of the renegades. There are : 12 elite renegade Dmats, 12 renegade spy-1s, 36 elite renegade fighters, 6 renegade Chronos, 4 renegade crystals, 4 renegade tankers, 2 renegade medics, 1 Renegade Carrier (ship that comes out of the planet after a set amount of time and spawns the rest of the ships. 4 parts, the head, the hull, the factory, and the engine. The hull protects the head/weapons and engine and factory ). This allows you to land on the planet which has all diplomacy missions.
Step 1 : Revenge Is All That Matters
Renegade Admiral : You have a choice. Will you avenge Azuron and help us or will you fight us to the death?
(Mission is to kill 50 Nezerian enemies of any kind to prove that you will fight to avenge Azuron). No reward.

Step 2 : New Recruit
Renegade Leader : I have heard of you from the Admiral. He says you are a powerful fighter, and you are on our side. You should be honored to get such high praise... after all you did try to kill our friends in Durian. Back to business. We need to destroy the Nezerians, but we can't do that without resources. Help us collect strong materials and we will give you a hefty reward.
(Mission is to collect 15 Polyhedric fabric and 500 large metal scrap)
Reward is 5000 steel and 1000 iridium

Step 3 : The Power of Science
Renegade Leader : I was once one of the best fighters. Nobody could even come close to me without being destroyed. Now, I need all my skill to just kill a few of these Aureus. The reason I bring this up is because our science station believes they can reprogram these Aureus drones to fight for us. Disable 10 of their warriors and bring them back for the science division to analyze.
(Mission is to kill 10 warriors and land on the renegade planet New Honarion)
Reward is 15000 steel and 5 flux

Step 4 : A Crazy Gamble
Renegade Leader : We couldn't reprogram the drones, but we did manage to obtain the blaster and teleportation equipment. The research team now thinks they can make the ??? kill the Nezerians. With this teleportation equipment we can bring the scientists and science vessel back instantly. We are a little bit busy at the moment... Anyway we need you to escort the ship.
(Mission is to get to the black hole with the science vessel alive. If it dies it will respawn at New Honarion. Second part is to land on New Honarion.)
Reward is 20000 steel, 5000 EXP, and 10 flux

Step 5 : Attack!
Renegade Leader : Come quickly! We are about to assault the Nezerians! We have our ships all equipped with an automatic teleporter, so we can try as often as we want! Come Join the Armada and fight! Battle Formation everyone, Tankers and the Carrier up front, Crystals, Dmat-90s, Spy-1s, and fighters in the middle, Chronos in the back! Medics provide assistance to all who need it! Move! Move! Move! *runs to the carrier ship*
(Mission is to leave the system and warp back to the "Renegade Leader", just like a friend. When you reach New Honarion you will join the group of the Renegades, so you will have powerful allies. The Renegades will start moving toward the center of the Nezerian star system. The Chronos will have health disable on their beams. The Spawners won't respawn, and once everything is destroyed except Mazim they will go back to their base. There are no Aureus in this special system. You can't land on any planets except New Honarion )
Reward is 5 flux and 10k exp, you probably looted a lot anyway...

Step 6 : An Ally in An Enemy...
Renegade Leader : We nearly killed everything! The only problem is their champion, the Regius Exterminatore. We just can't fight it! It's shields go up too quickly, and it has nukes that can decimate us. The hull is so strong it can shrug off our bullets. We need something stronger... Try to bring a judicator to the Regius. Don't worry about being killed, we can teleport you out before you are hit. I have found a lone Judicator apparently disabled at the co-ordinates ---, ---. Bring our science team to it, we might be able to fix it.
(Mission is to fly to ---, ---. )
Reward is 10000 Exp because the scientists gave you some knowledge.

Step 7 : Revenge for the Fallen
Renegade Leader : The Science teams have reported good news. We now have a Judicator to play with... Let's give the Nezerians what they gave us... DEATH!
One last fight, and it will all be over... Battle Formation!
(Mission is to destroy the Regius, with the Renegades and the Judicator)
Reward is 50000 EXP, 50000 steel, 25000 all other resources

Step 8 : A War Of The Worlds
Renegade Leader : "We've done it! The Nezerians are no longer a threat to us! *taps ear* Unfortunately we have some cleanup problems... The ??? are starting to move farther away from the Black holes, so we have to kill them soon. The Aureus... are about to attack?! *pulls out hidden earpiece and knocks it against the table then puts it by his ear again* What? I didn't hear that. "
Renegade Scientist : "That Judicator was programmed to attack us in 3 days. It looks like it was an automatic assaulting the Nezerians. If we had a few more ships than we could plan a defence."
Renegade Leader : "Captain. Go help the scientists. I will start to get the defenses ready."
(Mission is to kill 50 Aureus Monachus, 25 Aureus Warriors, and 2 Aureus Sidius)
Reward is 40,000 steel, 20,000 plasma fluids, 20,000 hydrogen, 15,000 iridium, 30,000 EXP

Step 9 : Simple Job
Renegade Scientist : "These ships are all the same. We didn't learn anything about their intentions, but we did get some of their technology. We're working on a new ship and a new weapon. The weapon uses parts of the Aureus Projector technology, the Aureus Monachus flamethrower, and the Aureus Warrior blaster. In other words, A hybrid superweapon. The Sidius samples... one of them was still charged and charred everything in the room. We couldn't salvage anything. The Polyhedric Fabric was useful though, and we hope to make a ship better than anything ever made before. Right now, we need more Aureus Sidius samples." *He grabs you by the arm as you are turning to leave* "Just one this time. We don't need any other problems right now." *alarms go off*
(Mission is to kill 1 Aureus Sidius Shard)
Reward is 1000 steel

Step 10 : A Captain's Work is Never Done
Renegade Leader : "Captain. We only have 3 hours left until the attack. I hope you're ready. The Research Division is busy giving plans to our technicians. It's an impressive ship. Right now it's the strongest ship we have, and we want you to fly it. It should be finished in about... 3 seconds. You have 2 hours to customize it."
(Mission is to land on New Honarion)
Reward is The Requiem, a ship viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3522&p=22243#p22243

Step 11 : War is Upon Us
Renegade Leader : "They have attacked! Some of my friends were on the ships they destroyed. Unfortunately we will never be able to make a second ship, and we will never perfect this one either. Once it is launched, it seals up and the only way to inspect it is by destroying it. I named this ship the Requiem, in honor of my fallen comrades. Come and fight, be our champion, for we have no other."
(Mission is to warp to Fulzar using the warp label called War, and land on New Honarion. Once you land, the war will start, and you have to kill all the enemies to finish.)
Reward is 1,500,000 EXP (you probably looted a lot anyway)

Step 12 : A New Name
Renegade Leader : "Thank you for helping us Captain. We aren't finished with these cleanup problems yet, but for now we need a name more honorable then 'The Renegades'. Please, ask the AF Masterminds to consider changing our name to something better."
(Mission is to fly to AFIS HQ and land)
Reward is 5000 steel and 2000 all other resources

Step 13 : Minor Problems
Operative Smith : "WHAT?! No! I won't allow it! Hmm... what are their motives? Maybe you could kidnap one of th- "
You : "No!"
Operative Smith : "...Fine. "
You : "Will you change the name?"
Operative Smith "...Let me see them first." *grabs key to the cages*
You : "What do you hope to do with that?"
Operative Smith : "Er... nothing!"
(Mission is to land on New Honarion)
Reward is 5 EXP (Haven't you learned ANYTHING about Smith's plans...?)

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Live Cargo: Xhargreg is requesting us to transport a payload of live wasp eggs from his research base on Zergillian to an Abandoned Hangar in Fulzar.
Mission: Land on Xhargreg's Research Station, then on the Abandoned Hangar.
Note: Wasps will attack you after landing on the research station, allied Large Mutated Moths will spawn at the abandoned hangar (like after some of those Bug Legs missions).

Peacekeeper Training: We need you to bring along some AF peacekeepers and train them by killing 50 enemies.
Mission: kill any 50 enemies.
Note: (weak) AF peacekeepers are flying with you for this mission, but if they die you fail the mission and have to restart.

Nezarian Science Raid: We believe the Nezarians have secret technology at a hidden research base. Head out and capture it to steal the science!
Mission: land on the Nezarian Research Station.
#23105 by Samuelf Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:40 pm
Event type mission: Bombing Wing

Description: We have been planning this raid for months, its time to strike back at the Fanatics. Strike hard. Y
our mission is to make sure our bombers get through to the planet (Arobea) to take out their command centre. This should stop their incursions for a while.
You won't be alone in this, we have a small fighter escort that should meet up with the bombers at the Upgrade Station.
Good luck pilot.

Requirements for mission success: X/Y allied bombers have to make it through to the planet.

Addition details: -A number of Af fighters will spawn at the Upgrade station when you get there, then wait and follow the bombers. They will attack any enemy forces near them. (This means, patrols of Fanatics can lure them away from the Bombers).
-The Bomber formation appears on the map as a green triangle. They spawn from the Warp Gate.
-The bombers won't be moved from their formation, they head straight for the target.
-There will be multiple patrols of Fanatics who will try to attack the bombers from different sides, and some patrols who will try to lure the fighters away from the bombers.
-Players nearby, no matter if grouped or not will get the credit if they have killed/damaged the Fanatics.

To to get the mission: Random, like any-other mission. But, you can group with two others who will get a similar mission called Squad Assistance.

Squad Assistance: A mission obtained when helping a friend doing the Bombing Wing.

Requirements for mission success: Same as Bombing Wing + have to stick near your Squad Commander (the original mission holder)
Description: We have a incoming raid on Arobea, we need additional support, protect your Squad Commander, protect those bombers and we can strike a hole in the Fanatic's stronghold.

"Failure is the embers to success"

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Aureus/Nezarian Raid: We are launching a counterattack against the Aureus/Nezarians. Join our fighter group and take out 5 of their spawners.
Mission: Kill 5 Aureus/Nezarian spawners.
Special: You are accompanied by a squad of 8 AF peacekeeper III. Kills by them count towards the mission.

Vlardenon Infiltration: We need to get an operative onto Vlardenon to disrupt the Nezarians and stop their plans.
Mission: Land on AFIS HQ (to pick up the operative), then land on Vlardenon.
#23260 by Arekkusu Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:40 am
I'm really upset! I just spent a hour typing up a massive mission chain and I got logged out! This is a informal complaint! Get rid of the auto log out! I'm too lazy to type up the whole thing again, but be satisfied with what I am putting in, just remember, I'm cutting out more than half of the missions and dialog. I'm not very patient with redoing these kinds of things. Maybe at a latter date I'll redo this in full detail, but I'm just too upset right now. D':

The rebels? - Intended for lvl 100+

Start: Land on new earth
Admiral Ymar: I've received reports that the renegades are raising their forces. This looks suspicious. Anyway, go to the AF HQ and get me updated reports!

Land on AF HQ: 0/1
1365 Exp

(Once again, I'm too lazy to do each step in such detail, so instead I'll explain how the mission series would go briefly.)
1. Meet with Admiral Ymar. He will bring to your attention that the renegades are up to something and asks you to pick up a updated report from the AF HQ
2. A officer at the AF HQ gives you the reports, but also informs you that the investigation team in Mikus hasn't replied in a while.
3. You leave to check up on the team in Mikus to find that they've been recently kidnapped. The Janitor informs for of this, and offers you to switch jobs with him, claiming that cleaning is the most amazing job in the world. Once you leave Mikus you confront a few renagades that happen to ambush you.
4. You fight the renegades and recue the team.
5. You return to the AF HQ allowing the team to formalize their report.
6. You bring the report to Admiral Ymar. Ymar explains the dire situation, and the need for more resources! He then hands you a 'shopping list'.
7. You leave to pick up various hard to get materials.
8. You return to Ymar. He explains that the research of a new mite-sized ship has been in place for a while, and asks you to go see if you could help out, since the ship just might be the boost they need to beat the renegades!
9. You land on the abandoned factory and meet Xhargreg, who distastefully complains about his being forced to work with the AF. He then sends you to his research station to pick up parts.
10. You land and find his parts, to discover that you're being ambushed!
11. When you leave you find a group of renegades that you must defeat.
12. You return to Xhargreg and receive his mite-ship.
13. You return to admiral Ymar. He wants to find out what he's up against, and send you to land on all known Renagade based. Mikus, Glicition, Renagade access point, Honarion.
14. On returning Ymar is devastated by the overwhelming power the renagades have. He claims that he's needed elsewhere on a Aureus matter. He leaves you that army, and the fate of fulzar in your hands.
On leaving you're warped to a separate instance consisting of the area around new erath, including the 4 safe zones, and the sun. The number of turrets and peacekeepers are multiplied by a lot, and you get a good number of peacekeepers, and a few more powerful allies as 'pets' (Similar to when you face the Executor in the unknown threat). Shortly after warping to this instance a massive number of enemies surround the system and attack. For example: 50 renegade fighters (lvl 18) 20 renegade dmats (Lvl 30), 15 renegade spies (Lvl 45), 2 Renegade Crystal, 2 Renegade Medic, 2 Renegade Tanker, and a renegade champion (A lv 90 in a golden heart). I'd intend it to be a format where the allies could handle most of the fighters and maybe even the spies and demats. The others are mostly going to be needed to be taken out by you, and obviously there'd be enough chaos going around from all of the allies and weaker enemies that you wouldn't need to take on all of the 7 high level enemies at one time. I intend this mission to be about as difficult as soloing a DN or being in a party of 15 lvl 100s facing a executor.
Notes: If you die, warp out, log out, leave, you can restart by landing on new erath again. The instance can only be accessed by people with this mission, therefor the mission usually needs to be solo'd unless you gather a group of people who are on this mission. High rewards, ext. All hail the war!
#24825 by EnderStar Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:33 am
Timed mission bonus + 1-timer mission

You can get this mission by landing on a renegade planet. (Honarion, Glictan, Mikius, maybe another far-out warp gate in Fulzar or KotZ )

Redemption Part 1 :
There is nothing in the area except native wildlife, but you see a small piece of metal on the wall. When you get closer, you see that it says 5 words. "We fight for Azuron. Our home." There is a slight crack in the wall, and you can see notes inside. The notes say : "We have all the materials needed to get to Azuron and build another warp gate there. The Fanatics are posing as us, and it needs to be stopped."
The warp logs are still active, leaving a clear jump to Azuron.
Mission goal : go to Azuron(not the same as the old Azuron, I'll put a pic here later) and land on the recycle station. No reward.

Redemption Part 2 :
A renegade's eyes dart up when you step into the room. "You! We have quite a bounty on your head, you know? Unfortunately... we... I cannot afford to pass up any allies. The Fanatics are posing as us, and they threaten our members. We didn't learn about this until recently, so we were unprepared. We had to retreat quickly, and we had no time to gather supplies. Help us build more here, we need materials." The renegade hands you a list.
Mission Goal : Get a full load of whatever cargo you can. (pick up 10,000 of any cargo)
Mission Reward : 5000 XP, 2 flux

Return to the station with the cargo. (I really think after getting that much cargo FOR A MISSION you shouldn't be able to recycle it for yourself.)

Redemption Part 3 :
The owner looks up at you again. "We're attempting to build a planet, but we can't get everything to stick together. The Artificial gravity technology we have just isn't enough. Maybe we can salvage some things from Advectorian... " He hands you another list.

Mission Goal : kill Advectorian and pick up 5 level 76 artifacts.
Mission Reward : 10,000 XP and 3 flux

Return to the station.

Redemption Part 4 :

As you walk in, you notice a checklist on the table, but nobody there. The checklist says :
✓ Create warp gate back
✓ Create Recycle Station
Get enough Resources to make a planet
Better shields
✓ Stop fanatic infiltrators
Create bionics

Seeing nobody, you decide to help with one of the listed items.
Mission Goal : kill 10 Bionic Queens, 10 Bionic Macrophages, 10 Bionic Plankton, 10 Bionic Daemons, and collect 50 bionic implants.
Mission Reward : Next quest has it

Return to the station with the bionic implants. (Mission reward : 10 flux, 40,000 EXP)

Redemption Part 5 :

The renegade is back, and you give him the data from the bionics. He looks surprised, then pulls out the checklist. "Looks like we forgot to put making an upgrade station on our list. Why don't you go and fly to that tanker, it's our temporary research lab. I've already told them to remove the bounty on your head. "

Mission Goal : fly to the tanker with the bionic implants and an advanced data chip. (one of those co-ordinate missions, you can't land)
Mission Reward : 10,000 XP, 10 flux

Redemption Part 6 :
The renegade scientists thank you for bringing them the data, and turn to their work. One of them doesn't immidiately get to work, and turns to you. "It's kind of you to bring this data to us, but we need help from a expert. I've heard of a certain Xhargreg who recently created giant teleporting wasps." He immidiately turns back to his work, leaving you with no chance to argue. Back on your ship, you see a message saying that everyone has to help to make Azuron livable again.

Mission Goal : fly to the abandoned hangar and get Xhargreg to help the renegades.
Mission Reward : 10 flux, Renegade timed missions are available.

Renegade timed missions!
no level requirement.
(they need resources, so they won't give any. They have flux. though.)
More Resources Needed
Get a full cargo of 10,000
Reward : 1-15 flux, 1,000 - 15,000 EXP
time : 1.5 hours

The fanatics have gone crazy, but we might be able to use a few ships as bionics. We only want the best ones.
Kill 3 gold fanatic raiders and return to the warpgate.
Reward : 2-5 flux, 2,000 - 5,000 EXP
time : 1 hour

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Story Chain mission:

Drak's Legacy

premise: Dr. Drak the diabolical bio-terrorist/ evil mad scientist had a daughter. She has not committed horrible crimes against humanity/ known-life, but has been conducting experiments of questionable ethics. Character is motivated by "daddy issues". She has far exceeded Dr. Drak, and has a much more powerful ship. The player must convince her to share her research into corrosive weaponry and health regeneration needed to defend against the Aureus. The player would do this by defeating her. I was also thinking this could unlock a new corrosive-themed ship molded on her design. Might be funny to have her meet Xhargregs at the end. Mission chain difficulty should be in line with Fulzar low level enemy difficulty.

She would have an abandon hanger as a base, graded by genetically modified Space Squids. They would be a dark red-purple, have healing ability(s), healed by corrosive damage, and be high level (60-70 ish). Boss will not attack the player unless the player attacks first (like FT), but the evil squids will.

1 Get the mission chain by landing on a station in Fulzar.
2 (parts to be made)
3 Defeat the boss
4 land on the boss station nearby to drop off the escape pod. Boss agrees to help.

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